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ROX now available on WhiteBIT

ROX token is approaching yet another milestone on its journey towards helping the modern energy sector develop and grow — it is e listed on WhiteBIT, one of the global cryptocurrency exchanges. We will go over the main facts about the exchange and we will let you decide if this centralized cryptocurrency exchange will suit you. WhiteBIT is an exchange registered in Estonia with an exchange license from the Estonian authorities. WhiteBIT markets itself as a licensed crypto exchange with features also for professional traders. Also, they highlight the competence of their support function. But that’s not all of the advantages with this platform. The platform also emphasizes a few other features that they find helpful for its users. A few of these are that the user interface is customizable, orders are executed instantly through the help of a trading engine performing 10,000 trades per second. Fees are competitive (more [...]

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A big event, which is ultimately aimed at furthering the awareness of our noble battle against energy waste, is on [...]