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Energy Efficiency of Europe

Due to the growing population, there has been constant change in climate which has led to increase in climate change awareness and improved technology to reduce management systems from affecting the climate. In Europe, the energy efficiency has been known to be €25 billion and predicted to double up in 2025. Most people tend not to understand that the effect of world population or building management systems is a negative one and drastic measures needs to be taken to ascertain a stable climate. Failure to reduce effect on climate would greatly affect the world and it is a big risk we should not be willing to take. Various means of reducing increase energy efficiency and reducing effect on the climate are; Warming should be at 1.5oC and must not go beyond 2.0oC according to the Paris agreement target. The use of fossil fuels should be discouraged so as to improve [...]

2001, 2019

Winner gets its reward

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In December, 2018, we hosted a special tag-a-friend competition on Facebook to celebrate Christmas. This competition ran for 5 days with the prize being a free installation of our HEMS device. The winner –pregnant, stay at home wife – Anja, works at her husband’s car dealer company and we had [...]

1401, 2019

Voice of progress – December 2018

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The last month of the year proved quite a good one for us as it helped us end the year on a high note. More of our set goals and objectives were accomplished and HEMS devices gained in popularity and appreciation among users. Some of our accomplishments in this month [...]

1412, 2018

Robotina’s ROX token is thriving well; ranks amongst the first 400 cryptocurrency tokens

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In the contemporary digital world, a lot has been going on recently, with many more cryptocurrency tokens rapidly fading off the markets. This is not unconnected with an increasing tendency for token users on the overall, to only adopt tokens that have a working physical product or service- for which [...]