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Keeping you up to date

Voice of progress – August

It’s a new month and it’s so exciting to give you all the information on the amazing things we have been up to at Robotina ROX. Over the last month, we have made a great deal of progress especially on the technical front. That is not to say we have been lagging in other areas too, it has been a month of quickened steps. Let’s delve in:  HIQ Universe/ROX Universe We have taken great strides around the ROX universe, integrating several appliances together. This includes but is not limited to;   Specification for HEMS Alarms/Events report which is sent by email is at its conceptual stage.     “FleetManager” specification is finalized, development is starting. The application will provide summarized overview of all HEMS devices with their status and other customized information, which should improve maintenance and technical support capacity.   RESTful API for HEMS device has been Implemented; RESTful API [...]

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