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Keeping you up to date

Voice of progress: June 2020

Keeping up with our commitment to always keep you updated and ensure that you stay abreast of the latest development as concerning the projects and tasks we have been up to. Listed herein are the latest updates; you can read that as a rollout of the things we have been up to since you last heard from us: SUMMARY: We have great news to share this time. Forecasting and aggregation modules of the new generation are now on-line on our production server. This is the base for all VPP and flexibility sales. Due to a delay caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, we expect that the DSO side client will be ready for full deployment in September/October. On the HEMS side, the first wireless HEMS based on battery-free EnOcean modules became operative. HEMS and EnOcean wireless modules are now available and started selling. The HIQ universe is also shaping out great [...]

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Scam Alert

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Dear Community, Its our duty to alert you about a scam that appears to be from Robotina Facebook Message announcing [...]