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Keeping you up to date

New release of eStore D (3 phase battery storage system)

The Robotina company is proud inventor and designer of a number of IoT functioning devices, all of which have greatly shown their relevance on the energy markets. In fact, our company’s energy use and optimization products, are one of the best and most highly rated in all of the European power generation and optimization markets. According to analyst and high level stakeholders in the energy sector, the Robotina’s hardware products and overall operation framework, stands amongst the greatest innovations in contemporary times, and as far as energy generation and optimization for the ever teeming world populace, is concerned. In furtherance of our solution-providing objectives, we have concluded design and subsequent release of an aptly designed and highly improved version of our company’s eStore hardware energy storage system (li-on battery). The new eStore D would feature a number of added use functions and obvious benefits for the users, as it comes [...]

August 14th, 2018|
608, 2018

Voice of Progress – July 2018

Our company has come far on the wheels of progress, and our success stories are increasing as the days go by. The month of July was marked by a reasonable number of implemented project schedules, and these are part of the things that has continually set the path for our [...]

3007, 2018

ROX token now listed on HITBTC

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Recent developments of the Robotina company has been geared towards improving on the record standards we have set, as well as finding ways of fostering lucrative opportunities for our product and service subscribers. The latest event making the rounds on this mission are those that pertains to our highly recognized [...]

3007, 2018

Robotina Mobile APP

We are defining basic specifications for the mobile application The importance of using mobile application for company activities and other business concerns in contemporary times, has enormously come on the rise. We realize that the advantage this would afford us, as well as our increasing customer base, cannot be overemphasized. [...]

2607, 2018

Updates from our recently organized AMA live event

In a bid to create a framework for our company’s performance appraisal- which could help us incorporate the right futuristic inputs and amendments, we settled down to organizing the AMA (ask me anything) live event. This is why the Robotina company addresses questions, comments, and recommendations, coming from its service [...]