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Keeping you up to date

ATTENTION: Fraudulent FB activities

Dear esteemed Robotina community, It has come to the notice of the management that there is a current growing set of scammers who have put together a fraudulent Facebook page. This has been done in a bid to defraud Robotina users by purporting as the bona fide Facebook page of Robotina using the same avatar and offering a certain amount of BTC in exchange for payment so as to verify their ROX. Please note that as Official Robotina we are totally not in support of this and at no point will ask our users nor community for payments to verify their ROX before offering BTC or anything related. Be alert and wary of this fraudulent act as Robotina d.o.o. will not be responsible for any payment made to these fraudsters in the name of getting BTC. If you have ever been contacted by these set of scammers, do not reply [...]

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603, 2019

Three markets now available on new ROX exchange

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ROX Listing Though ROX was available on several different exchanges, we added one more on three (3) different markets: - - - With BTC being the largest cryptocurrency we have on the planet (which means that it is the digital asset that most people on the planet [...]

303, 2019

Voice of progress – February 2019

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In case you are wondering how dedicated we are to revolutionizing the planet, the answer is; very dedicated. We have a goal, and in order to accomplish this goal, we set targets for ourselves every quarter and so far, we have accomplished most of our targets till date. The target [...]

1102, 2019

The Big Saudi 5

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As part of efforts to gain a foothold in Saudi Arabia and tap the market there. We will be exhibiting at The Big Saudi 5 2019. This event is an avenue for experts in the construction industry to gather and rub minds together. It spans a period of 4 days [...]

2001, 2019

Winner gets its reward

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In December, 2018, we hosted a special tag-a-friend competition on Facebook to celebrate Christmas. This competition ran for 5 days with the prize being a free installation of our HEMS device. The winner –pregnant, stay at home wife – Anja, works at her husband’s car dealer company and we had [...]