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Keeping you up to date

New, even bigger projects in Saudi Arabia

The Robotina company has continued to spread its business tentacles, as we find ways of pushing our highly innovative energy solutions to various energy markets across the globe. Now, we’re looking way beyond the European markets, since we believe there are several other energy markets that are in dire need of such energy solutions that we provide. This is a reason why the company is finalizing plans and trade deals, with energy stakeholders in the Saudi Arabian markets. Our activities in the famous Middle East country, is aimed at initiating and executing a number of energy management and optimization projects, based on the need peculiarities of the market citizenry.   Partnership roadmap for the project implementation Robotina’s activity objective has always been towards achieving a sustainable energy efficiency framework, in all essence. Consequently, one of our very first partnership deals as pertains the Saudi Arabia projects, would be that which [...]

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210, 2018

Voice of progress – September 2018

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As always for our company, the month of September has also turned out remarkable for us. At the Robotina company, we can confidently speak of our numerous achievements, and the unrelenting approach we’ve adopted at improving energy use management and optimization for the European energy market. Considering how far the [...]

3009, 2018

Join us in Vienna

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The European utility week is almost here again, and the program lineup for the event is getting set already. It is another opportunity for energy companies and innovation experts to show their array of energy tech solutions to visitors, even as a way of securing markets for themselves. Over the [...]

2809, 2018

HEMS shipment and distribution has begun

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Following weeks of intense planning and strategizing, we have finally commenced with the dispatch of our company’s brand of energy management and optimization device units, HEMS. This development would see several homes coming on board our platform, and joining the beneficiaries of our excellent energy service solutions that have been [...]

2609, 2018

ROX token now listed on Coinmarketcap

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The Robotina IoT platform’s native ROX token, has continued to move up the progress ladder in all essence. While we work to ensure that the token ultimately becomes a true utility asset for all of our company’s transaction activities, we have already started out on the implementation of the basic [...]

2409, 2018

Why Robotina Vesting the ROX

We’ve recognized the problems that vesting can solve, and we’re choosing to approach it in ways that makes sense in the context of ROX community development. The Robotina having vesting on the team’s tokens to: Incentivize the Robotina team to work hard and build a ROX ecosystem that will increase [...]

2309, 2018

HIQ Home: The watch when you’re away

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There are different components comprising the complete Robotina IoT energy optimization project toolkit. The company’s objective doesn’t just stop at energy management by whatever means, but via the use of structured products that makes sure the objective is ultimately achieved - even if the users are not able to dedicate [...]