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Is the ROX Universe Platform the greatest enemy traditional energy providers ever faced?

The ROX Universe Platform cannot be disputed as one of the few ideal steps effected over the course of the past few years in the energy sector. It offers the users an absolute perspective over their domestic energy situations, while proposing effective management strategies to save cost, the environment and energy itself. Also, it is no news that the ROX Universe platform boldly exploits the elements of Industry 4.0 – Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning and IoT. However, one part that should strike fear in the hearts of energy retailers, should be the clever introduction of Blockchain to control the circulation of ROX tokens on the platform. After all, they have long since served as intermediaries between electricity generators and consumers, and here is something that can easily take all that away. For some time now, Blockchain has revolutionized contracts, with its decentralized ledgers not only providing unbreakable digital [...]

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