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First HEMS installation in Seoul 20th Nov 2019

It is a joke to consider the progress of Robotina ROX in the past year as anything but intense. The platform has become involved in so many events and projects around the world, that outsiders have begun to wonder how the members of the ROX Universe have come about as a force to be relied upon in the energy industry, in a manner that has mirrored quite a smooth-sailing ride. In actuality, this ease and grace that Robotina displays is a result of years of dedicated planning, hard work and insight, and by repeating all these in Korea, the chronicle of HEMS in Asia has found solid foothold.  Often, it seems like yesterday when the rapid growth of Robotina led to a triumphantly thriving expansion in Asia that was perfectly exemplified by the agreement that saw the creation of our local partners in Korea – Robotina Korea. It will also [...]

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A big event, which is ultimately aimed at furthering the awareness of our noble battle against energy waste, is on [...]