Over the years, as we aim to contribute our meaningful quota in ensuring energy optimization for every household and businesses everywhere, the Robotina company has understood and leveraged on the benefits of effecting productive business partnerships. These are part of the reasons why we continue to top the list of service providers, as well as the numerous commendations and recommendations that keeps flocking in for our company. An additional importance in this, is that the company is also able to break through new frontiers, and consequently reach out to more communities and regions, especially around Europe, at this time.

With quality service products that are the best on the energy markets, and a team of highly dedicated sales, administrative, technology and development professionals, our company has been able to achieve the best results, while we continue to gain more grounds and prospects- both for the immediate future, and in the distant one.

Now that we have our HEMS and energy optimization models in place, the company has began to seek means of gaining impactful entrance into other prospective markets. The merits of our recent products for households and business concerns, cannot be overemphasized; and this is part of the reasons why we’ve come all out to make people know the impacts that we’re making.

In order to sustain our actual standard of living, Robotina, with its 28 years’ of experience, tries to reduce the per capita and shift the consumption of electricity. With Robotina platform, it becomes easy for us to collaborate with its community to save and earn money while consuming electrical energy. Robotina were recently a part of Munich Intersolar to propose their ideas that could change the way we manage energy consumption through their HEMS platform.

What Was Munich Intersolar All About?

Munich Intersolar Europe is one of the world’s leading exhibitions for its partners and all the people involved with the solar industry. Intersolar exhibition is held annually in Munich, Germany where a huge crowd of solar companies gather in order to realize new methods of using energy efficiently. This year, the exhibition was held from June 20th to June 22nd .The Intersolar event consisted of a series of conference and exhibitions that focused primarily on the areas related to photovoltaics, thermal plans, solar thermal technologies as well as grid solutions and infrastructure that are used for the integration of renewable energy.

From uplifting the efficiency of solar inverters to solar modules, Intersolar’s main focus was on the important trends in the solar industry. There were some key points to take away from the exhibition, for instance, the critical importance of launching European battery industries, designing home energy systems and launching technologies that could help monitor energy consumption through phones and laptops. The hottest topic was of module prices and how they were speedily being affected by China’s policy decision.

The half cut cell technology was called as the ‘standard’ that was displayed with bifacial modules at almost all the top manufacturer’s booth. These two technologies brought a sense of durability alongside efficiency that represented a win-win situation for the module market. A major theme of innovation that was covered at the event was talking about inverters, energy storage and mounting systems. The famous inverter manufacturers presented new concepts and products to walk in sync with the demands of the solar markets. The buzzword of this conference was definitely ‘digitalization’ and ‘optimization’.

Our collaboration with other energy companies and stakeholders on the German market

Among all the exhibitors, we were also a part of the professional visitors. While present at Intersolar, our sales representatives took part in sessions of discussions that dealt with the cooperation of German market with some of the well-known global companies that are currently in the field of energy management. These discussions laid grounds for the implementation and optimization of HEMS, a key technology that makes Robotina so powerful.

By being a part of Intersolar, we saw gaining a lot of important insights that would help us in integrating additional layers to our project in order to meet the demands of both, the customers and energy industries.

ABB, Hanwha Q Cells and Krinner Solar emerged as the winners and were awarded for their impressive innovations, highly efficient solar modules with the help of QANTUM technology and computer aided solar structures respectively.

Currently, one of the main projects of the Robotina company is aimed at reaching the German markets with our product and services. Some of the company’s sales representatives have held discussions with top energy giants in the German market, and we are very optimistic of a service kick off, soon. It would not be the first time we would be holding talks with a solar energy company which also shares our vision of optimizing renewable energy.

Demonstrating the effectiveness of our HEMS devices for home use would show to people, how much energy optimization can be achieved, and hence, drastic overhead reductions. Adopting our own strategies are an advantage for us, since many potential investors and stakeholders are already anticipating an exhibit implementation of it.

As we continue to record our success stories, the Robotina company is set to spread out to other countries asides the European Union, and we’re hoping to earnestly start work at achieving this, within the nearest time frame.

The other advantages we already have

As we set sail on our business mission to reach the world with energy optimization possibilities, the company can rightly mention that we are on course for a massive global impact. The birthing of the Robotina blockchain protocol too, would help facilitate business interactions with clients from all over the world, on a unified platform where every one is talking energy optimization.