The latest creation in the Turkish economy is the Istanbul airport. It is a large looking building with a rectangular bottom at the center which serves as the check-in and the main hall connecting the piers of the terminal. The piers have four international gates and one domestic gate. They started operations in October 2018 and on April 2019, all airlines were lodged in the Istanbul airport, it is seen to have the largest terminal in the world. It is about 15.5 million square feet and it accommodates over 85 million passengers every year but it is projected to accommodate up to 200 million passengers every year after completion.

Just like Robotina, Turkish technology companies have deployed an end-to-end solution in devices and wireless radio frequency technology, to ensure smart asset tracking. The Istanbul airport has 3000 sensors which are projected to get to 10000 units, and it has a way of monitoring sensors through the connection of sensors. These sensors maximize how well the airport can monitor all activities carried out in the airport, going from people and their luggage, the vehicles and even the ways of energy consumption. The data gotten from the sensors are accessed and then analyzed using Skysens’ cloud IoT platform to reduce expenses during operations and increasing conservation while enhancing proper project management. The Skysens’ cloud IoT platform ensures maintenance through prediction.

The conventional airport supervisory control and data systems only have ways of infrastructural monitoring but lacks a means of monitoring assets condition, locations, or determining when maintenance is necessary even before it happens. Skysens’ provides the technology which allows for the connection of diverse application across an entire airport, such as in the Istanbul airport which cuts operational cost giving room for a safer and smarter airport.

At Istanbul airport, various data and status for thousands of assets can be tracked and captures data from different airport application, this allows managers to more effectively manage and monitor their fleets and minimize energy consumption to make smarter decisions while reducing cost. Technology such as the types offered by Robotina simplifies development, this characteristic accelerates product into the market and increases its demand.