By now you are aware we to everything in our power to help HEMS and Robotina Platform users reduce and minimize the volume of electricity they consume, cut down on the price paid for electricity and maximize the operations of the electricity grid. HEMS does this through continuous observation and control of the electricity being consumed as well as the distribution.


Let us remind you that HEMS is a smart home Internet of Things device which observes the electricity consumption behavior of household appliances. It then collates this data and sends to the Robotina Platform where it is processed by Artificial Intelligence which gets to work and identifies when appliances such as water boiler, heat pump and the likes are switched on as well as the frequency with which this is done. Upon identification, the Artificial Intelligence then examines the weather forecast as well as the cost of energy which it uses to control and optimize when these appliances operate in a bid to conserve energy expenses.


The HEMS device works to optimize energy consumption in the household by making sure that the minimum volume required for safety is being used, and when certain appliances are not being used, it switches them off until the tariff is cheap enough to support them.

This device offers tons of advantages to users which include helping the user take significant (even though little) steps toward achieving a green and sustainable environment. It can also help the user earn money via the provision of flexible operation of loads to energy providers among other things.


Meanwhile, the security of smart home devices such as the HEMS device was questioned by a Forbes article which reported that they can be easily hacked which will subsequently allow hackers to gain access to the personal information of the users.


However, HEMS devices come with relatively good and secure protection. The Robotina Platform makes use of the TLS 1.2 cryptographic protocol for both CLOUD – EDGE and CLOUD – CLOUD communications which means that communication involving the platform is secure and well protected. Communication between all Internet of Things (IoT) devices and services that lie outside the scope of the cloud is done via TLS 3 protocol.


When a leeway is given for HEMS – Universe communications without the use of encryption (or even with the use of weak encryption), the entire system comprising of HEMS, the Robotina Platform and others are compromised and open to attack by hackers. This underscores the importance of minimizing (and if possible, eliminating) the possibility of a man-in-the-middle attack on the HEMS – Universe communication which can lead to the discovery of data as well as hidden information. Information such as whether or not a person is at home (through the analysis of the amount of energy being consumed), and the determination of somebody’s tradition specifics, information deemed private.


To avoid this, it is suggested that the server’s security level is verified through the use of upon which the Robotina Platform gets the highest security rating.


In order to ensure optimum security, all information gotten from the HEMS device is stored on the Platform’s database and can be deleted per customer request. This is via the use of the customer’s username and password. It should be noted that data stored on the platform is deleted permanently upon request and cannot be retrieved at a later date.