With home automation, you can control the devices and gadgets in your house from any location in the whole world from a mobile device. While some might use this tag to describe prior programmed equipment, for example, thermostats, home automation refers to the full spectrum of devices that can be connected and controlled from a central device. These includes but is not limited to lighting, appliances, outlets for plugging, and temperature control systems. Other things that could be connected to this remote control system are the doors to your home, your house windows, the locks, smoke detectors, motion detectors, and other security devices that help you keep your home secure and safe.

Until recent times, automation only involved such basic functions like lighting and temperature control and this too in large commercial buildings where it such things as mentioned could be controlled from certain specific locations in that building.

Today’s version of home automation, however, makes use of something referred to as Internet of Things to keep everything in the home connected to one source. With the advent of IoT, every gadget in the home has its own IP address which means that it has its own internet address thereby enabling them to be observed and controlled from a remote location.

The most plausible recipients of this technology are quite obviously, smart devices like those built by Amazon and other tech giants but technology has come so far that light switches and outlets in the home can be connected and incorporated into this single source and controlled thus.

There are two key characteristics of home automation which are the following;


Automation is about how events can be planned and put in motion beforehand. This can be time dependent or not. An example is the automatic turning off and on of your home lights, your alarms and the likes at certain times each day. Automation also covers non time related events such as the blaring of alarms when there is an unauthorized access to your house and your sensors are triggered, or the flooding of the grounds with light when there is an intruder.


Another thing that characterizes home automation is the ability to control things from a far away, remote location. With technology advancing at a rapid rate, it is possible to control your home gadgets and the like from a device connected to the internet such as your smartphone and tablet.

You can go as far as to keep tabs on happenings in your home from your mobile device. The doors you forgot to lock, the lights you didn’t put off, what your kids are doing (in case you have a security camera or cameras) and so many other things can be observed and found out from a mile away on your device.

Home automation offers many advantages such as better security, ease and convenience and it only promises to improve and grow more from what we currently have.