The HIQ universe automation module is one important part of the Robotina company’s entire energy optimization framework. This is why it has to be in top shape, if it must perform optimally and fulfil its purpose on the system. This is even important since it would be working directly with the HEMS device, thus affecting the functionality of the units in all essence.

In order to ensure that the HEMS controller and HIQ universe function synergy is aptly running for all time, we have also embarked on the HIQ universe product update processes. This action becomes necessary since our products and service delivery is ever improving. We have also effected updates for the HEMS device, thus creating a need for a corresponding update on the HIQ; so as to make both component fit well in their overall function. As always, all of Robotina’s upgrades and updates have been carefully considered to ensure that they are bringing added convenience to company service, and advantages for the entirety of users from the public.

What to expect in the updated HIQ universe

Basically, HIQ universe would continue to perform its fundamental objectives of incorporating user convenience through energy use control automation. Hence, it would still be made to synchronize its activities with our cognitive optimization system (COS). By this, energy use automation carried out based on pre-set instructions, remains its primary mandate.

However, some update would enable the software perform optimally as the users would find useful. For instance, we have effected an upgrade to the development server for the module. The new development server would now come with new web pages. All the web pages are fitted in to perform specific functions that are very germane to users comfort and convenience. Now, HIQ universe has become a top energy use control model with a comparison that is next to none. We are assured that users would find this module interesting to use, and a perfect value for your money.

Furthermore, we have concluded design of the font pages, the main layout and the user menu, as well as the login page and header. We tried as much as possible in ensuring that the design was attractive enough, and depictive of a tool suitable for all class of persons- from young to old. This means almost any one that adequately operate the functions and features, only by going through for few minutes.

Currently, all of these inputs are being put to test, with vigorous tendency assessments and verification processes in progress. Consequently, we are trying to see the module behavior from different use angles, as this would help us add or subtract any input that is not necessary, or make required modifications to any input that needs a revamp.


Robotina’s primary objective in energy management and optimization remains focused. We are bringing a whole new dimension to this service on the overall energy sector, and we’re certain of the positive end results- both in terms of the pleasurable function gratifications of it for our users, and the fulfilment it brings for our company.