The month of August has been a very eventful month for us at Robotina. As always, we have decided to inform you about the interesting things we have been a part of in the month of August. Let’s get started:


With our flagship HEMS, we worked around the area of SmartGrid functionality. The team worked diligently on the idea of improving the functional SmartGrid available within the HEMS platform while offering improved forecasting for offering to trading services. The progress report also indicated that the team worked on specification for SunSpec Solaredge PV inverters communication driver.

HIQ Universe

The entire HQ universe witnessed a whole lot of changes across functionality, user experience and of course, usage of the platform. Email notifications is now being sent to end-users for restarting cyclic appliances when they are offered to trading services. HEMS Alarms/Events report which is sent by email is being implemented, this will help to alert the end-users about issues around the HEMS account.

“FleetManager” implementation is finalising. This application will provide summarized overview of all HEMS devices with their status and other customized information, which should improve maintenance and technical support capacity. The FleetManager is in its final stage, with report from last month stating that work has started on the strategic deployment. With the FleetManager in place, end-users will be able to view all of their HEMS devices in one place and make appropriate decisions. In addition, HIQUniverseRelay software is in testing phase. This software enables easy and quick remote update of all HEMS devices. Working alongside the FleetManager, the HIQ Universe is set to become even more autonomous.

RESTful API for HEMS devices is improved (included IoT dynamic queries for “Things”); with improved capabilities of the IoT capabilities of HEMS, the system can now learn remotely even much better than before. HIQUniverseRelay software is in testing phase. This software enables easy and quick remote update of all HEMS devices. Work on VPP (Virtual Power Plant) specification has now started.

New scripting API for database operation within scripts. It enables to log and read future data, from forecasts to demands from trading services. All these will enable end-users make futuristic but inform decisions. Wiki pages updates (new hardware components, new pages structure) This will generally improve the user experience and user interaction with the platform. We are glad to say that we are building a platform that is not reserved only for when you want to get things done but that will also thrill you with the experience you deserve.


Work on the specification and control algorithms for Erigeneia project in Cyprus, for optimizing operation and minimizing cost for HEMS systems with PV and battery applications. For a couple of weeks, the project in Cyprus have attained new heights and it is only a matter of time before we roll out the cheapest HEMS on the market.

With these developments from the Robotina company, it can only get better in the new month as we move on. We are revolutionizing the future of energy for the world!