Following weeks of intense planning and strategizing, we have finally commenced with the dispatch of our company’s brand of energy management and optimization device units, HEMS. This development would see several homes coming on board our platform, and joining the beneficiaries of our excellent energy service solutions that have been in motion for several years.

Consequently, the energy service sector in Europe is also expected to experience a major revitalization in the days to come, since our first batch dispatch has been allocated directly for users on the European region- where we’re based.
Asides this, there are a number of other events lined up, which we’ve carefully selected in a bid to make sure that every of our supporters do not miss out on the excitement and real value, that we’re poised to add. The Robotina company’s objective is to see to it, that we’re able to meet up with the expectations of our supporters, while maintaining the high standards that we’ve been known for, on the energy solutions market.

The progress made so far and our next line of action
Currently, the Robotina company has only just sent out the first batch of HEMSes. This batch is being shipped for delivery to our ICO backers, who participated and contributed during the company’s crowdfunding event. With this, intended recipients are only days away to receiving one of Robotina’s best energy service products ever, of which they are sure to see the benefits it would bring to their overall energy usage.

Every of our supporters are assured of the fact that they would be getting their own HEMS units too, and in no longer time. We have scheduled other shipments to take place in October and November, and a last one in December. Hence, in order to ensure that things go well according to plan, all is now prepared such that prompt shipments can take place once the time is set.

Furthermore, the Robotina company would be filming a video of the installation processes of HEMS at the home of a lucky supporter. The supporter would have been chosen from amongst the receivers of the first batch of HEMS, that has already been shipped out. We are bringing the excitement to our esteem community of supporters and backers, and in all the ways we can. Thus, we’ve decided to do something new and exciting, that would be subsequently shown on our community forums.

At the Robotina, we are committed to creating more remarkable profit oriented product and service framework for our supporters. Hence, they can all expect more in the days to come, even as we expect their feedbacks.