The HEMS of Robotina incorporates a ROX incentive that intends to reward an energy efficient behavior existent in connected households who aim at reducing and shifting their consumption level and reducing their demand during peak hours; through their participation in the incentive program.

Some people compare this HEMS hardware to a BTC mining machine due to the fact that ROX exist in the HEMS functional design in a similar manner like BTC exist in the mining protocol. What will “HEMS” do differently from what BTC mining does? It will provide HEMS owners already existing ROX tokens as reward when BTC miners take the newly created coins out into the light, a few at a time. They get to do this as a reward for creating blocks of validated transactions and including them in the blockchain, while HEMS will earn ROX already existing in circulating supply on blockchain.

Because HEMS of Robotina earns you ROX tokens, such HEMS system design commonly creates optimal electricity consumption by considering several factors, such as energy costs, environmental concerns, consumer comfort and motivation.

The HEMS programs remotely control customer appliances by transmitting signals that turn appliances off/on in a short time based on a contract between the utility and the customers. The size of the ROX reward depends on the size of energy savings within households and depending on energy efficiency. Water heaters, A/Cs, and public lighting are common appliances that are remotely controlled using this type of program, in the load interruption/curtailment program.

The main aim of tokenized HEMS function is to speed up the HEMS installations around the world. Once hundreds of thousands of HEMS devices have been installed to earn ROX tokens and, in the process, that will validate household energy efficient behavior within the power grid system.

The deployment of HEMS devices with embedded ROX tokenization will enable the ROX community’s growth throughout the continuous electricity consumption monitoring of relevant input information for the HEMS, such as kWh prices and weather information.

The Robotina HEMS is upgraded with a ROX layer, which is expected to minimize the end-user’s electricity bill while minimizing the dissatisfaction that may be associated with energy efficient behavior in households.