Part of our company’s customer service satisfaction roadmap includes organizing periodic value added incentive programs. We are doing this, as a way of encouraging our existing users, as well as another means of publicizing our company’s energy solutions. Consequently, we had included a giveaway competition that would issue out free HEMS units to successful participants, through stipulated processes.

In order to ensure that we meet our objectives and in all fairness, the Robotina company has adopted a certain schedule for these programs. This would facilitate proper organization and distribution of every giveaway, such that the underlying objectives are well implemented.

Now, in accordance with our incentive schedule for 2018, we have finished the first phase of execution for our HEMS giveaway program. The program was made to run for the whole of four months, and has now been concluded on the 1st of October.

Next steps after the main giveaway competition process

Before the start of the HEMS giveaway competition, we had outlined a format for the expected execution of events. Since the main processes of competition entry and selection has been concluded, we’re left with the last and final stage- which is the HEMS reward distribution to the awarded winners. We are following this step by step procedures, so as to ensure some kind of orderliness, and to make sure that all events run and finish at exactly the time allocated.

Consequently, all HEMS rewards would be sent out by the end of Q4 2018. Before this time, we would have carried out all the required data confirmation and verification formalities. Hence, all winners are guaranteed to have their prizes delivered by the close of the year.

Note that all deliveries would be made, irrespective of their location in the European region.Thus we would be contacting winners to officially notify them, and to make enquiries concerning their desired shipping addresses. They would also then know of what the shipment costs would entail.

Furthermore, all winners will have a chance to order for technical team support from our company. This benefit is specially reserved for the purpose of their delivered HEMS installation.

The Robotina company is taking proactive measures in creating more incentive-inclined programs in the near future. The methods may differ from what is yet available, but we’re confident of their importance and relevance to the needs of our supporters.

As the programs unfold, we would not fail to notify the general public of the details they need, to be partakers of it.