The ROX Universe platform has been projected to be one of the largest energy distributors in the future, without owning physical generators. In the words of Devid Palčič, The President of Robotina Group, ‘We [Robotina] may be the biggest distributed virtual prosumer without owning a single power plant and the biggest distributed virtual battery bank without owning a single battery.’ To many, the idea is understandably new, but by understanding the processes and strategy that the platform employs, the brilliance shines through. 

First, is the use of the famous Home Energy Management System (HEMS) devices, which serve a lot more purposes than advertised. Normally, they are regarded as intelligent devices used to analyze buildings and figure out their energy circulation routes. This enables the user of the devices to discover energy leakages and wastage areas, especially as the entire energy structure of that building is laid bare before her/him. 

Also, the platform creates the possibility for the use of ‘smart’ grids, a virtual marketplace for local energy generating companies or individuals, prosumers and customers. It provides the prosumer, the owner of a solar power plant for example, a place where he/she can give out his/her surplus or excess power to the energy consumer, in exchange for money. In the same vein, the consumer has done away with a traditional supplier of electricity, and can thus get the energy supply required at a very good discounted price. 

One strategy that the Robotina ROX takes to oversee the exchange of energy on the ROX Universe platform is the Crowd buying option. It allows the users to create crowd buying initiatives, as well as participate in the crowd buying initiatives, in order to get the cut-rate prices. 

For example, if a group of users find themselves in need of energy, they can come together to agree on the terms of purchase, then connect with any of the energy suppliers available on the platform. Together, they stand a chance of getting even more discounts, compared to just buying energy from the energy supplier and getting a subsidized fee compared to the conventional method of buying power. Together, they stand a better way of getting more exciting discounts from the energy suppliers. 

Of course, there are already similar things going on in the traditional way, but it is definitely not at a cheaper price, and so, if the customers can come together and request or negotiate for better deals, with the group buying function, there is a more expansive, and yet, even cheaper alternative to passing hard-earned funds through middlemen. Of course, the currency used on the platform used for any transaction on the platform are the Utility tokens (ROX tokens), which is what will be exchanged for energy on the ROX platform with the energy generating companies and prosumers. 

Knowing Robotina and its amazing speed of progression, the ease of accomplishing crowd buying conventions is only going to get better, since improvements are bound to be made to this function. 

Until such upgrades are made, however, Robotina ROX remains the ultimate energy distribution choice with its frugality in expenses and costs. You save money and energy, while you protect the environment at your convenience. The perfect package!