Though energy saving is a popular topic because of global energy challenges, people are still just thinking about using smart technologies and talk about them rather than do something about it. We all talk about awareness but then, when the time comes to pay the given energy bill we still don’t do much about it.

We always emphasize that the gap in today’s smart technology regarding smart homes is the understanding of consumers’ behaviour and the integration of this understanding into the smart technology. Therefore, it is paramount for world countries to introduce smart technologies targeted to reduce energy consumption.

The role of smart home technologies to increase energy efficiencies in households has become so important even Asian governments have recently introduced a variety of measures to reduce energy consumption at home, in order to promote energy conservation by the household sector. Among these measures are the introduction and development of Smart House and Home Energy Management System (HEMS) technologies, which have recently been making rapid progress is the development of these technologies. With the introduction of the smart energy systems, the household sector is sure to conserve energy and make good use.

However, we believe that the government cannot single-handedly win the fight against energy waste and that is why we have stepped in. As a private business, we have consistently played our part in our own way. One of the ways we have played our part is by providing technical expertise to global government in the fight against energy awareness by rendering our assistance in the development of the futuristic technologies available today.

We are not alone in this fight, we have found a willing partner in Greenox – an innovative company based in the United Kingdom, which focuses majorly on the marketing and promotion of IoT components in connection with energy saving and smart city construction. As our new strategic partner invested great power in the promotion of our HEMS devices and IoT Platform across all Asia, interest in our products increases as the day pass by. This shows that Greenox as well is acting in order to leave a better place for our children by helping us build awareness about enormous cuts to our energy use we can make today.

Thanks to the effective marketing team at Greenox that helped to increase the sales of our smart devices, HEMS is now being widely used across Asia. In light of this highly successful campaign based highly fruitful teamwork and partnership, we at Robotina ROX are pleased to introduce Greenox as our successful media marketing partner in Asia and Europe.  The partnership between Robotina ROX and Greenox will definitely profit governments, the entire citizenry and indeed our planet.

Efficiency is the lowest hanging fruit in the threefer push to combat climate change, cut costs, and establish energy independence. The cheapest, cleanest, and safest energy is the energy that we never use.