A big event, which is ultimately aimed at furthering the awareness of our noble battle against energy waste, is on the horizon. And Greenox has announced for quite some time that the 26th of September is the date to save.

It has been a little while since the news broke about the inspirational partnership between Robotina and Greenox, a prestigious company heavily invested in the marketing and distribution of IoT components used in energy saving devices for smart homes and structures. Since the merge materialized, Robotina has enjoyed the fruits of an already beneficial partnership, which has sown seeds of favor in the hearts of both the Government and a myriad of private investors, for the ingenious pieces of art and technology, that are the HEMS devices.

This could have looked like a false dawn, until our last visit to Korea, that coincided with the announcement of our official agreement with Robotina Korea, and a move of office to the illustrious Seoul main Street. During that time, Greenox sought Robotina’s support as it prepared for a massive event, which is scheduled to be held this month in Korea’s metropolitan capital, the beautiful city of Seoul.

Perhaps it speaks volumes of the extent to which Robotina and Greenox have come, that the venue for the big event is none other than the majestic Dragon city towers of Seoul. In a municipality, such as Seoul, which is known as a picture-perfect fusion between the past (with its historical attractions like the Jogyesa Temple) and the future (with its leading-edge subway trains), the Dragon city towers in Seoul, stands grandly as an architectural piece of art – with its towers designed and erected to look like a Korean dragon – that represents the pinnacle of technology advancements influenced by the rich Korean tradition.

Just like the mythical dragon, the venue for Greenox’s big event, is known for its unique ambience, that avails its amenities only to the truly privileged in society. It goes without saying that the high-tech facilities offered at the site, makes the Dragon city towers, the perfect venue to hold a congregation of forward thinking investors as they deliberate on the future of the world regarding smart energy conservation.

As Robotina ROX, we certainly plan to play our part in making this occasion even more unforgettable for those fortunate to be present for the occasion. For now, clandestine plans are all in place to make the attendees witness to something unforeseen, in what will surely be a truly historical moment.

For the first time in history, the world will stand witness to the revelation of the Robotina IoT Platform. Of course, this will come as a wonderful surprise for our friends in Seoul, especially since the Robotina IoT platform has never been presented before. However, since the Robotina ROX Universe platform takes the cake as a peerless program that adds the advantages of conventional IoT to absorbed artificial intelligence and blockchain usability, the picture of pleasant shock, as the attendees try to take in that surprise, has us tingling in excitement.

All our efforts are geared towards expressing our pride in being invited to an occasion so grand and exclusive. And as the days count down, we cannot look forward enough to revisiting the beautiful sight, that is Seoul.