Robotina will take centerstage for the first time on the 27th of November in 2019’s edition of Going Global Live to further create the awareness for the need and importance of guaranteeing a smarter and greener future in our home and industries.

Let us take some time to imagine a world of flexible energy resources, where pollution from fossil fuels and energy wastes from inefficient installations are minimized. For some, this image is also a set picture since Robotina has set off for years in search of ways to make this dreamlike solution our reality.

Through the HEMS, Robotina has unleashed a system capable of patching up the leakiest channels of energy in any infrastructure, and through the complicated Robotina ROX platform – that  makes use of all the concepts of the Industry 4.0 tools, from machine learning to Big Data – a platform strong and resourceful enough to support the transfer, sales and efficient distribution of energy has been made ready.

However, creation is just half of the journey in this story, with the other part largely depending on how well the world can be made to grasp the importance of this path that ensures the imminent power solution for conservation and intelligence. For this, the entire body of Robotina has stretched home and abroad, through the regions of Slovenia till the other part of the world in Seoul to fashion a network that gets stronger by the day.

On this evidence, it is an earnest expectation that on the 27th of November, in the capital of the United Kingdom, London, the seeds the Robotina Universe have planted will find more ground in the executives (BDM/TDM) of the Manufacturing industry whose presence make up the congregation of the convention. These stalwarts of the manufacturing industry are expected to reach a population count of 50, and each will be much obliged by the address of Factory of the future, Intelligent supply chain, Connected product innovation, Connected Field Service for Manufacturing companies and other scenarios that will directly benefit their industries.

This is proof of the all-encompassing nature of the Robotina platform, as it does not address residential properties alone, but is equally vital for industries who want to succeed in a future where saving energy will be an overriding theme. That says Robotina was made for the houses and structures where people live and where they work. And through this podium, Robotina Representatives, Dusan and Milan, will establish the rudiments and phases of energy efficiency in the minds of the manufacturing executives present. A topic that is epitomized by the factory-friendly technologies that make up the Robotina Universe.

Even as the year draws to a close and the temperature begins to drop, the Robotina platform will continue to blaze on, even beyond the minute when the imagination of a greener future where the installed HEMS devices have curbed the waste of energy all over world has come to reality. And on that auspicious 27th of November, the leaders of the manufacturing industries that will avail themselves in London, will have a glimpse of the vision that Robotina has for the world!