At the Robotina company, we have realized the increasing relevance of our company products and services, for various energy markets outside of Europe. Thus, since our company aims to be an active part of the solutions that would solve the prevailing challenges of contemporary energy supply and use, we have begun draft work on the possibilities of extending our services and input resources, beyond Europe.

Consequently,this is the origin of Robotina’s service and network extensions that has spread to some part of the South American region. This is a reason why we have been in mutual business agreements with the Dakol Instrumentos E Sistemas in Brazil. With this partnership, it is expected that we would also be able to cover the main highlights of our energy management and optimization schedule for the country, and in a reasonable time frame.

Service features of Dakol Instrumentos E Sistemas, and the collaboration with Robotina

Robotina’s partnership with the Brazilian automation product company is a strategic one. This is because we have studied the impacts of the company over the years, and have been able to recognize its potentials for the future. This type of synergy would help us achieve a collective goal, that serves the good of energy producers, prosumers and final consumers on the nation’s energy market.

Note that, Dakol Instrumentos E Sistemas has been making useful contributions to industrial and building automation purposes, for over 25 years. Hence, it has been able to gather some valuable popularity as a result of its impressive track records. Its activity is centered around the production and distribution of top quality automation modules, and has been a distributor representative for Robotina.

When we finally come to the implementation of our collective roadmap, we would be leveraging on the Brazilian firm’s already built influence on the market, as well as our own recognized modern approaches to energy usage.

However, the important part of these deals, lies in the fact that Robotina is sourcing for expertise services and resources, to come from experts everywhere. This is a good sign for our company, because it means we can always boast of the appropriateness of whatever we push unto the energy scene- irrespective of the market locations.

The consolidated solution

Both of the Robotina company and Dakol would be having a substantial input in the framework that would produce the models that meets the needs of the energy markets- with firsthand consideration for the Brazilian market.

From our end, Robotina would be incorporating its high value CyBro controller technology to Dakol’s  range of building/residential automation infrastructures. The end results of these would the production of user friendly applications such as fan coil modules, digital inputs/outputs, specific modules for lighting, switches, temperature regulation and control, etcetera.

The objectives of this project are well defined, and we have estimated a total percentage success at the end of each phase. Experts from both companies are already working together, to see the best ways of implementing the basic strategy. With the level of progress made so far, Robotina’s influence and publicity should experience some surge in the months to come.