Over the years, our Robotina energy and technology service driven company have come through with massive innovative projects aimed at revamping energy utilization and distribution, as well as ingenious lucrative energy prospects for the future. Even now, we are not resting on our oars in making sure we achieve everybody our set objectives in revamping energy optimization, and accessibility for the world populace. Part of the company’s means to achieving this, is by coming up with energy service advancement procedures, and collaborative partnership schemes, for the benefit of everyone.

The GOFLEX energy project

One of our recent partnership ventures, is that of the GOFLEX energy project. GOFLEX which stands for generalized operational flexibility for integrating renewables in the distribution grid, aims at improving supply and distribution of low carbon energy under the European commission’s ‘Horizon 2020’. The GOFLEX consortium consists of twelve synergizing partners amongst which are the electricity authority of Cyprus, Aalborg university, Research center for sustainable energy, Informatics energy automation, IBM, University of applied sciences Western Switzerland, Technische universität Dresden, énergies sion region, B.A.U.M, and of course, the Robotina company. All of these institutions are expected to come up with the best approachable methods at inventing and distributing energy across all levels at an economical, yet optimized ratio; an objective which has now progressed to the advanced stages.

goflex project

Robotina plays a crucial role in the implementation of this project, as we have been charged with the operations involving supply of energy to prosumers cutting across residential locations, transportation firms, and utility manufacturing industries. The company is able to implement this program using the CyBro technology- a programmable functioning module that has been used across various applications, for over 20 years.

The overall modified smart grid end products are a commendable project, and they are now rolled out for demonstrations in countries such as Switzerland, Germany, Austria and South Africa. Examples of which are the Nedo smart grid project in Slovenia, and the Energie Graz project in Austria.

The GOFLEX energy project is coordinated by Bradley J Eck, who is member of the IBM research. We are working hand in hand with IBM on a synergized framework aimed at incorporating the best hardware and software tools to smart grid distribution across the target areas.

All of the twelve participating partners usually hold meetings that aims at discussing and deliberating on the recorded progress, as well as the next line of action for every given phase of the overall project.

Our roadmap for effect energy optimization and economic use

As Robotina company we have provided a smart option at ensuring the effective use of power such that it is less wasted, and readily accessible to subscribed users. This program works on a platform that incorporates machine learning, artificial intelligence, and the decentralized blockchain system, in a bid to providing energy efficiency. Thus, this service provides new ways by which our users can access other opportunities such as active interaction amongst other blockchain users through collaborative energy purchases, data auctions, and other possible events on the company’s transaction platform. The use of artificial intelligence helps you manage power use by sensitively controlling a on and off function for all of your electricity usage, as provided by our company.

All of these events would be coordinated on the Robotina’s organized blockchain that is well powered by the ROX token. Our ROX token serves as a legal tender used for exchange of utility and other services on the Robotina network.

As of recent times, the ROX token seems to be gaining high interest tendencies, as more and more people are continually looking upto Robotina’s smart grid energy project. If this continues, and at increased rates, then we may be talking of a huge success for the ROX token; hence the need for cryptocurrency supporters and users, to consider holding unto some of the tokens.

Robotina’s demonstrated home energy management system (HEMS)

As part of the characterizing features of the Robotina company in optimizing energy use, the home energy management system (HEMS) is a smart device that is designed to help cut down on unnecessary energy bills. This is the company’s latest product that carries out all the cost minimizing functions according to our designed roadmap for achieving economic and optimized use of energy. According to working principles, HEMS is an internet of things (IoT) device that sends records of the users’ energy usage tendencies to the Robotina blockchain, over a period of time. Based on these energy expending tendencies, the device is able to regulate excess or uncontrolled energy use; it is the installed device that steps down your energy usage when it begins to get past your antecedent regularized usage. The device is able to achieve this through its incorporated artificial intelligence capabilities.

The future of Robotina’s implemented working methods and other events

With the rate of success, we’ve recorded so far, Robotina’s journey to success on a blockchain platform does not look any difficult, as far as an ideal and realistic module that is hosted on a decentralized network is concerned. All of the company’s implemented methods could be the reason why we were able to garner so much support right from the ICO stages, and could also be the reason why we are able to gain substantial business collaborations with other industry giants like IBM. This may largely be attributed to our company’s expertise and proven track record of over 28 years, which has given us an advantage above our upcoming competitors.

Since the company has moved operations to a blockchain platform, the ROX tokens may experience an unprecedented demand which may significantly cause a surge in its market value.

In addition, our means at encouraging prospective users is an impressive one, as we have rolled out giveaway offers to member of the public; such as the one where people can win HEMS devices for free, by just answering simple questions pertaining to the company projects.