If we must have enough energy to go around for everyone, the emphasis must be on conservation. Not only will this be good for us as a society, it will also be good for our planet. This is a very big challenge, not only for the government but also the private sector; companies and other stakeholders in the energy sector.

At Robotina ROX, our emphasis has always been on affordable, durable energy that is available on demand and that does not degrade the planet. We have always deployed resources to ensure that this happens.  To the customer, the need for a renewable source of energy that will come at a cheap price and at peak generation is the solution to the problem. Several energy companies today are not willing to go that way, that will not stop the revolution of energy though.

The homes of the future will be smart enough to purchase energy when generation is high and prices are low. This means enjoying the most of electricity and energy when the tide is right and the resources required are low. What matters is that energy companies should be making a serious attempt to make power available on demand. If this must hold true, then renewable sources of energy must be highly sought after. Else, this imagery might remain a mirage.

Homes will be able to store both electricity generated from their own solar panels and will also be able to purchase electricity autonomously from the grid during period of low cost and high generation. Advances in household energy storage will disrupt the existing electricity markets, and the demand for renewable sources.

The choice of consumers will be increased as there will be several points from which energy will be purchased; from the sun shining, to the wind propelling the windmills, this is without doubt what the consumers of the future will be looking for and the energy companies must be willing to give it to them. Excess energy that can be bought on demand and for the lowest of prices.

Every consumer is excited for the future and the truth is, the question of moving to smarter, cheaper and more sustaining ways of generating power is not a question of if, it is about when. In fact, a lot of customers are only waiting on the energy firms to make the switch while the energy firms are waiting on four major things namely; availability, price, convenience and integration.

It may look as though we are decades away from the ideal, we are making giant strides with the ROX universe platform when it comes to the area of smart energy consumption. In the not so distant future, there will be increased integration and the stance on smart consumption of electricity will take center stage.

Cheap, smart electricity will be available and within reach of everyone. The energy companies of the future will have to comply with the demand of the people. When that moment comes, Robotina ROX will be ready and we know that you will be too. It’s the energy (r)evolution and it’s on already, don’t be left out.