For people who have been living on this planet and have had access to the internet and information, blockchain technology is definitely not an unheard of thing. But for those who just came down from Mars or who has been living on some remote part of the planet where the use of the internet is prohibited and there was no means whatsoever of getting information; blockchain is a technology that allows you to maintain a secure, transparent and reliable record. This technology has found application in many industries in which it is used to record data. It has been employed in different instances such as in;

  1. Ensuring that voting is more transparent and no questionable activity occurs
  2. Creation of different financial instruments
  3. Maintenance of records of physical products
  4. Keeping of medical records and so on.

This technology can be used for all these (and more) because it is tamper-proof and decentralized. This means that information stored cannot be modified without an alert being raised somewhere. Artificial Intelligence describes a machine that is intelligent, can take stock of its environment, learn about it and then correctly use the knowledge it has gained to make changes towards a desired end.

Meanwhile, the Internet of Things on the other hand is the sum total of devices, vehicles and home appliances which are connected together in such a way that there is a free flow of data between them. It can be described as a network of things which contain electronics, software and connectivity which allows them to interact. Think of Alexa connected to your home stereo system, your TV and all and being able to control all these from that one device. This is because they are Internet of Things and are as such all connected.

These different technologies and notions are now being brought to together in the energy industry as well so as to develop clean technology such as renewable energy. An article recently published by Forbes magazine which as we all know is a reputable magazine with influence talked about how blockchain technology and the Internet of Things is being used by some next generation companies to generate clean and renewable energy. According to the article by Forbes, blockchain technology enables energy to be sold directly between users which eliminates a need for middlemen and energy suppliers. The use of blockchain the energy industry also leads to a reduction in energy inequality and inefficiency both of which bode well for energy optimization. The marriage of blockchain technology to the Internet of Things devices with the right Artificial Intelligence (AI) ensures that devices can now purchase their own energy autonomously such that energy use is optimized. All these led to Forbes concluding that these constitute the clean energy trends of 2019.


And at the moment, Robotina is one of the few companies offering this technology to be used for trendy projects that involves optimizing energy use with HEMS by collating energy consumption data of various IoT devices in the house and then sending this data to the Robotina platform where it is analysed by an AI. The result of the analysis is then used to optimize devices in the house for efficient energy use and allows the user to contribute towards a cleaner environment while also helping them save money.

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