It is a joke to consider the progress of Robotina ROX in the past year as anything but intense. The platform has become involved in so many events and projects around the world, that outsiders have begun to wonder how the members of the ROX Universe have come about as a force to be relied upon in the energy industry, in a manner that has mirrored quite a smooth-sailing ride. In actuality, this ease and grace that Robotina displays is a result of years of dedicated planning, hard work and insight, and by repeating all these in Korea, the chronicle of HEMS in Asia has found solid foothold. 

Often, it seems like yesterday when the rapid growth of Robotina led to a triumphantly thriving expansion in Asia that was perfectly exemplified by the agreement that saw the creation of our local partners in Korea – Robotina Korea. It will also not fail the memory that this merger saw Robotina establish a stronger grip in the Korean atmosphere, as Robotina’s Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS) and Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) devices won over Korea, to an extent that provoked the biggest business magazine in Korea ‘The Leader’ to request for an exclusive look-in to Robotina. A feat that Robotina Korea had contributed heavily to. 

Now, in acknowledgement of Robotina Korea’s role in spreading the influence of the ROX platform in Korea and as a symbol of the future partnership within Robotina Worldwide, the first ever installation of HEMS devices in South Korea is scheduled to take place in Seoul. The installation of the HEMS devices will be done for Robotina’s local partners in South Korea to materialize the theoretical efficacy of the HEMS device. It will then serve as a standard for future installations in every single building in South Korea, and indeed, Asia. 

The spread of the HEMS throughout Asia is not just a fantasy, especially since we understand the Korean Government are equally enamored with the project. However, this also implies that the Korean Chapter of Robotina will be required to pitch in to deal with the enormous orders that are expected. Thus, the installation of the HEMS also offers the members of Robotina Korea to acquire more skills regarding the installation of the HEMS devices. Due to this, a HEMS Installation Education and Workshop has been earmarked for that period to transfer know-how on the processes and procedures concerning the installation of HEMS to our Robotina Korea partners. 

With this advantage, Robotina Korea will be better equipped to handle the ever-rising sales of HEMS stock in Korea. Then, they will grow even bigger as time goes on, enough to spread the influence of Robotina ROX platform and devices not only throughout Korea, but throughout Asia. 

There is no doubt that Robotina Korea is a big part of the puzzle that forms the key to Asia for Robotina, and in that same light, there will be so much responsibility on us all going forward to ensure that the fire of momentum that Robotina has gathered so far will burn fiercely to an even brighter, yet greener, future.