The energy industry will remember this year as the period when Robotina culminated decades of experience and innovation to step into the spotlight with a devastating bang. Robotina keeps earning rave review after review as well as invitations from different dignified stages to showcase our unique and all-important novelties that is aimed towards saving our dear planet and enriching its inhabitants.

One of such podia was the EXPO2020, which held on the 23rd of October, in the beautiful yet futuristic setting of the Oberoi Hall of the Business Bay in Dubai. It was an event sponsored by the creators of the Smart Ambients, fellow members of the fold of Smart Energy and Smart Spaces enthusiasts, who requested our active contribution to the event in recognition of our giant strides in popularizing more efficient utilization of energy while additionally ensuring convenience for the subscribers and users.

The occasion began just as scheduled, with the allowed time for the registration of the invited guests immediately followed by the brief and impactful keynote speech given by the ever-eloquent David Palcic, CEO of Robotina, who delivered an articulate exposition that set the tone for the evening as to the importance of the gathering. After this, the Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia, the esteemed H. E. Oto Pungertnik could not stop praising the efforts of everyone present concerning the perpetual development towards even smarter homes and communities.

The development that had been touted for so long was finally put in context by a mind-blowing exhibition that brought various surprises to the persons present. Many of the invited guests argued after the event that the highlight of the exhibition was the sustainable pavilion presented by Robert Klun, the CEO of KLUN AMBIENTI, an integrated design of smart energy and spaces that ensures compatibility with already existing projects and businesses.

For the other majority, nothing beats the latest invention of the Robotina Group, the Home Energy Management and Smart Home Fusion. A never seen approach that not only creates an interactive building that gives you greater control over your home, thus improving your security set-up by a significant percentage, the innovation also increases the efficiency of energy usage in the home. During the exhibition of the HEMS Fusion, the possibility of amassing users that thrive on using the HEMS device to minimize energy wasted, while building a community of prosumers to ensure that energy is circulated through a unique platform to annex the maximum utility from the energy generated, at cheaper costs and for the benefit of the stakeholders and users of the platform.

During a brief presentation, Milan Susman, the Vice President of Sales of the Robotina Group explained how the HIQ Universe and HEMS birthed the HIQ Fusion, and the many benefits it indicates to show how it is an opportunity that must be embraced now, rather than a promise to be looked forward to. The demonstrations were rounded off by the presentation of the fascinating Smart Furniture, a brainchild of the KLUN AMBIENTI company that was presented by its Chief Executive Officer, Robert Klun.

At the end of that stupendous day, an enticing buffet lunch ensued before discussion between the experts and investors on all subjects of inquiry were encouraged. All in all, it is in moments like these we realize that we are not alone in our journey towards a smarter future.