As part of our efforts to stay active on the Saudi Arabian market and create awareness for our products, we will be partaking in an interior exhibition at the Decofair 2019 happening in the city of Riyadh between the 4th and 6th of February.

Decofair is an exclusive furniture and design exhibition that has been holding for the past 9 years. Up till now, this exhibition has been happening in the city of Jeddah but after the continued success it has experienced, it was decided by the organizers – Reed Sunaidi Exhibitions – that they will launch the 10th edition of this exhibition in Riyadh. This event will take place at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center, one of the foremost and most exclusive convention centers in the city.

The organizers of Decofair have developed this event to be one where creativity, the zeal for design, new trends and the inspiration to create is fostered. Thus, the event presents a great environment for us to showcase our products which are sure to be applauded as creative and innovative.

At Decofair, exhibitions are made under several sectors and categories which include furniture, lighting, kitchen and bath, hoe technology, design materials and services. Participating in this exhibition offers us the following benefits;

  1. A chance to market and showcase our products to over 8,000 attendees including professionals in the furniture and design industry
  2. An opportunity to build new networks with industry professionals as well as generate new sales leads. This can then be leveraged upon to build better relationships that will serve our company well.
  3. Decofair is an event visited by a high number of Saudi government officials. It is in fact, the furniture and design show with the largest number of Saudi government representatives in the entire region

The Decofair that will be holding this year at Riyadh will be courtesy of HRH Prince Sattam Bin Khalid Nasser Bin Abbdul-Aziz Al-Saud and as such, represents an opportunity for us to introduce our products and the benefits they offer to the Saudi people. As part of the exhibition, we will be doing an exposition on the benefits of using the HiQ Home Automation system. This includes the following;

Comfort: The HiQ system is a home automation system. This simply means that it is an alternative, easier and more comfortable way of accomplishing tasks in the house. This includes tasks such as the switching on and off of lights in the house, the closing and opening of blinds, controlling the thermostat in order to heat and cool the house among other things.

Reliability: the HiQ system is a very reliable system that you can be sure will not fail you at any point in time. We plan to show this to our Saudi audience and demonstrate how they can rely on and trust us completely to manage their homes.

Safety and security: our system is safe and secure from external attacks. You can rest assured that the security of your home system will not be compromised.

Assisted living: this system is also useful for assisted living. This is yet another benefit of using the HiQ system.

Connectivity: with the HiQ system, you enjoy increased connectivity. Your home appliances and gadgets are all connected and centralized such that they can all be controlled from one hub.

Efficiency: and of course nevertheless there is also efficient management of energy and resources.