Exciting times are on the horizon, and members of the Robotina community are guaranteed to be at the heart of it all. And just by the hands or fate or the luck of coincidence, a convention arrives to prove that statement.

Some 54 weeks ago, Robotina joined a coterie of similar purpose in Italy’s Vienna, during the European Utility week. A year after, and there’s quite a lot more to discuss as Robotina ROX will present her GoFLEX badges to exhibit earth-shattering achievements in the congregation of DSO associations on the role of local flexibilities for stabilising the grid in this year’s European Utility Week themed ‘Flexibilities for a stable energy system: don’t talk – start harvesting!’

As part of the program’s annual schedule, a debate will be convened to challenge the progress and direction of the groups gathered and represented as regarding the chosen topic. While this year’s European Utility Week is set to be held in Paris, the city of love, there will certainly be no love lost or gained as objective discussions ensue over questions that hinder development in the energy sector. The debate will focus on central issues such as:

Are local flexibilities the right solution to resolve local grid challenges?

Considering Slovenia, a nation known for its outstanding grid structure, one of the very best electrical grids in the world. How best can we depend on local flexibilities as the way forward. In a lot of ways, this is just a platform to rediscover the myriad benefits that pace-setting and essential leaders in the energy sector like the Robotina ROX platform have offered since inception, and the parts Robotina ROX will play in the future to keep Slovenia in pole position if other countries don’t reach out to Robotina ROX.

How can local and regional platforms link to existing energy and balancing markets and what are the roles of TSOs, DSOs, aggregators and other players of the energy domain?

On the note of their importance, how then can the current government of the energy sector function in the picture that local flexibilities create, and how can the existing power structures affect the local customers in the ‘less is more’ approach. This question also emphasizes the unique and unparalleled role that Robotina ROX is playing in this new and smarter world. ROX Universe known also as HiQ Universe is the first platform for providing electricity to final users without owning a single powerplant, and will be central to providing a future where power is decentralized while being generated and distributed locally, to reduce waste of energy resources and thus, a greener and efficient future.

What kind of policy and regulation support is needed to exploit the full potential of local flexibilities?

Being a large undertaking, exploiting flexibilities for a stable energy system will require a lot of backing to challenge status quo. What therefore, will be needed from the government and the people to stem the inevitable tide.

Hence, it is obvious then, that Robotina ROX is on the crest of a wave. And come the 12th of November, between the hours of 09:00  and 18:30 at the room Espace 2000 C of the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, Robotina ROX will take center stage again in the European Utility Week. These are exciting times indeed!