Users of the Robotina ROX platform can testify of the fact that traditional energy utilization is nowhere near the same as the platform allows.

With the deliberate effect of the embedded features like artificial intelligence and IoT, energy saving has never been so easy and effective, with a potential for up to 30% of energy saved, while the virtual nature of the platform ensures that environmental benefits abound as emissions will decrease with increased traffic on the platform.

Fascinatingly, as part of a scheme to maximize the utility of the Robotina ROX, amidst activities and opportunities like crowd purchase of energy and power selling, ESCO  and VPP crowd funding has been introduced by the brains behind the ROX to engage the members of the platform in the deeper of Robotina ROX, and get a good deal of profit in the process.

As should be common knowledge, the Robotina Utility tokens (ROX tokens) serve as the sole fuel of the Robotina ROX platform. It is the currency that drives all movements on the program. Therefore, ROX tokens give the users the license and power to take effective part of these beneficial projects via a crowd funding path.

ESCO projects and VPP schemes earn their relevance by being futuristic, innovative and lucrative. A classic ESCO project is energy retrofitting, an undertaking aimed at improving the efficacy of energy in circulation, while decreasing the demand of energy. The idea is to enhance the energy operations and performance by modifying the energy structure of existing buildings. Usually, this is achieved by replacing old devices and equipment with more effective ones, however, designers seize the opportunity to decentralize the electricity network by installing distributed energy generators in the new building schematics. Other ESCO projects could be themed over energy efficiency, smart city constructions and cognitive optimization (COS).

As for VPP projects, they are more involved in exploiting resources at hand to minimize energy wastage, while getting financial returns on the services rendered. An example is the electric car charging venture. Those interested will avail their car-charging terminals to people in need of electric car plugs, in return, ROX tokens are offered, if energy cannot be swapped. Battery storages can be used in the same way for VPP schemes.

All in all, the principles that guide the investments are the same, regardless of participation in either the ESCO projects, VPP schemes or other available programs. This means that:

The Robotina ROX Platform will provide a marketplace for ESCO or VPP projects, where projects will the guidelines will be explained in detail (including the ROI, as well as the profit distribution formula).

All existing projects are profitable, and will be presented by interested parties and verified by the ROX Universe experts.

The Robotina ROX platform will provide transparent monitoring of all savings and other ESCO benefits and deliver ROX tokens based on the profit distribution formula and investment memorandum.

All you should do to get involved, is to first acquire tokens upon registration, this will determine the degree of your investment, and so, your ROI.

After getting your ROX tokens, simply choose the ESCO project you’ll like to jointly-fund and input the amount of ROX tokens you want to devote to that cause. You should know, that each ESCO project has its own separate fund, and an earmarked threshold. When the marked threshold is met, a smart contract is established to signify the project start. Technically, the invested ROX tokens are converted to fiat at this point to kick start the project.

The progress of the project is accurately measured by all parties involved in the project by the Energy Management Systems, which are installed in the building. Also, and maybe more importantly, the effectiveness of the project can be deduced from the energy saved by the project, since energy efficiency and optimization of energy consumption is the aim of the Energy Management Systems. The accumulated savings are then exchanged for ROX tokens to introduce the profits to the platform. After the little tariff obliged by the ROX universe, the rest of the ROX tokens earned from the project are shared to the beneficiaries, according to the agreement in the smart contract.

Each project is unique, and will have different periods before completion, nevertheless there are rewarding models, which were instituted to guarantee benefits for all contract parties and is fine-tuned for every case.

In all of this, and the countless other features and benefits it presents, the Robotina platform announces itself as a well-thought out platform, a stage that you cannot afford to shy away from.