In what we tag as a progressive development for us as a community, we are proud to announce to you that Robotina will in three days host a technical meeting unveiling the Erigeneia project & EMS specifications.

The Erigeneia project is fully in line with the Pillar C of the Solar Europe Industry Initiative (SEII) and with the recent EU winter package. It is expected that this project will solve issues associated with system integration.

Notably, it is aimed at increasing the value of PV and delivering an integrated EMS that combines the photovoltaic (PV) generation and battery energy storage system (BESS) both for community and residential storage.

More so, quite a number of the Erigeneia multiple objectives would be discussed as this encompasses the expected achievements of this milestone project. You can recall that this project was built with aim of providing not just an increase in the PV penetration but providing innovative solutions while providing grid-supportive strategies, such as power smoothing, frequency support and voltage regulation for both interconnected and islanded grids.

Besides, this meeting will highlight the EMS specifications for Erigeneia which ranges from variables and relations, control objectives. Discussions would further focus on the overall EMS scheme:

  • Definition of building blocks with functions,
  • Input and output parameters,
  • External data sources,
  • Inverter control, optimization algorithm,
  • Other relevant technical specification for the local EMS use case

Indeed, this once again reinstates our commitment to contribute to the development of EMS and have significant involvement in result exploitation and market deployment.