At Robotina ROX, we have been consistent in doing everything to ensure that we not only spread awareness about our energy usage but to also develop the right platforms. We understand the basic energy needs and we are working round the clock to ensure that safe, reliable and cheap energy becomes the norm and not the exception.

As humans, the need for ambient temperature cannot be overemphasized, at a temperature too high or too low, human activities ceases. Therefore, since time immemorial, humans have devised ways to stay warm; from burning firewood in the fireplace to coal and on to gas and cable electricity, the need to stay comfortable was all that has ever mattered to man.

With the advent of electricity, the comfort that man sought came at a price. That price was one of ignorance, it will not be out of place if you know little or nothing about energy tariffs. It would not be so surprising either if you have no idea as to how you can vary technology in other to cut down on your energy consumption. As a last resort, you might have switched over to smart meters only for you to find out that they are not so smart after all. 

In the best-case scenario, the time-of-use pricing method may look like a fair deal to a lot of people, but why should we have to switch between appliances because we want to cut cost? The fact remains that no one is excited by electricity bills, it is all about having the comfort the service provides.

Perhaps, we all  are thinking about energy the wrong way; maybe that is where the issue is. Gone are the days when everything was simple, you gather your own firewood and you burn them to generate heat. Today, the process of getting energy to enjoy warmth is more important than the warmth itself.

In the not so far future, the energy companies will no longer sell electricity or energy unit, they will give access to energy services and in comes the ROX Universe platform. With the ROX Universe, you will have real time access to your appliances and you will be able to control them all remotely regardless of your own location.

The days of worrying over tariffs are almost over, with the energy companies of the not so distant future, you will get premium service and not just charges. That way, you can focus on the end result and not the process. You can opt for the energy profile that works for you and gives you the result you want.

The days of repeatedly checking on the setting on your fridge or freezer – all of that will be controlled wirelessly with the power draw taking advantage of DSR-related savings. Washing machines and dishwashers will run based on your schedule, optimized to reflect changing tariffs but ensuring clean, dry clothes or dishes every time you need it.

It might look like promising a lot, but it is doable. We have studied how to make this work a long time and are approaching time, when we will proudly say: We are the one who did it!