Energy bills are some of the easiest ways to save money. This is because with little tweaks here and there, you can reduce the amount of energy you consume and by extension, the money you spend on them. Apart of saving, another reason to conserve energy is to protect the environment. This is applicable to other sectors other than the energy sector. It is no longer a secret that the planet is in danger from human actions. And if proper measures are not taken, future generations will not have much in the way of a planet to live on. This is as a result of degradation of resources, climate change among other things. These makes it imperative that steps are taken to conserve resources, to switch to renewable ways of doing things and much more.

There are several ways by which you can conserve energy thereby saving money and also helping the environment. Some of the most viable and easiest ways to do these are outlined below;

Adopt a conservative mind-set: by “adopt a conservative mind-set”, we mean you should try to be as prudent as possible with your energy use. Two of the appliances responsible for most of the energy expenses we incur in this day and age are the thermostat and the air conditioner. These two are reportedly responsible for almost have of the energy utility bills we pay. You will save a lot on your energy bills by being frugal in how you use these appliances. For instance, in winter time, reduce the heat on your thermostat and supplement this with a comforter so that you can be Just as warm. In summer time, do not have your air conditioner on at all times, instead, use then when necessary and essential.

Other things you should do is, turn off the lights during the day when you can just as easily get by with the sun’s light, put off the appliances you are not using and the light in those areas of the house you are not currently occupying even at night. You should also consider traditional ways of accomplishing some tasks such as hang-drying your clothes instead of using the electric dryer and hand washing your plates instead of running them through the dish washer. You will find that these will help you conserve a lot of electricity.

Use energy efficient appliances: another means by which you can significantly reduce your energy consumption is by using energy efficient appliances in place of conventional ones. For instance, halogen incandescent bulbs, light emitting diode bulbs and compact fluorescent lights consume less electricity than traditional light bulbs. This can be anywhere from between 25-80% which represents quite a significant part of your energy consumption. Add to this the fact that they can last from anywhere between three to 25 times longer than a normal bulb and you will find that they are a worthy investment no matter their price.

Other appliances that have an effect similar to this are refrigerators and clothes washers. An easy way to recognize these is to lookout for an “ENERGY STAR” label on the appliance.

These and many more are ways by which you can reduce your energy consumption which translates to a lesser bill as well as a better environment.