Beyond every aorta of doubt, the blockchain industry has come to stay and has a bright future ahead of it. Are you aware that just the energy sector alone in the digital infrastructure has already invested forty-seven billion dollars in 2017 and these investments have been seen to have increased annually by 20 percent since 2014? According to IEA, these investments are also 40% higher than investments in the entire global production of electricity from gas.


Whether or not crypto will still remain or perhaps it’s still a futuristic plan which would eventually come dominate, the blockchain technology is expanding into other industries which include the transport, energy industry etc. The investment being poured into the blockchain technology is not done by only “start-ups” , major players in the energy industry and others are such as Siemens, Shell, IBM, EDF etc are all also making investments there likewise.


Now that new digitalization technologies are revolutionizing tomorrow’s energy solutions, restructuring business models and opportunities for the world and all, Prosperia d.o.o. organized a conference in Slovenia to address some very important issues such as: how artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and the data chain are revolutionizing your business today? Can you use them and gain an edge in energy solutions?


Based on the discussion in the conference, the 10 leading experts addressed the advantages and disadvantages of the use of new technologies, and they presented to the users current examples of their use. Meanwhile, Devid Palčič Robotina CEO presented ROX Universe platform ( and new business opportunities for network users, digitalization for efficient energy use: the connection of the Internet of Things – artificial intelligence – the chain of blocks. Dejan Podgoršek who is from IBM Slovenia presented cases where the use of Blockchain technology makes sense, he listed and discussed on the components which are crucial for a good blockchain project and how to check if the blockchain technology adds enough added value to the classical technologies they could use.