It is a testament of how far civilisation has come that more specialized institutions have been established to deal with very specific problems in modern society. One of such establishments is the  Academy of Construction Investment which exists solely to give people better instructions on getting the best investments.

Now, the Slovenian chamber of commerce has allied herself with the Engineering Association, the Construction and Building Materials Industry Chamber and the Business Training Center to set up the “School of implementation and management of investment processes” this winter, to further drive home the techniques and keys to profitable investments.

To drive home the practicality of this initiative, on-field experience with the smartest channels of construction investment is required. Thus, the presence of a dominating figure in the area of smart elements like Devid Palcic from Robotina in the seminar couldn’t be better arranged. The same could also be said of the other lecturers that will educate the students on investment strategies and many more.

The gathering was called to dissect areas of potential interest like

v  Efficient and quality management and implementation of investments.

v  Effective procurement management and quality contract preparation.

v  Fast and quality placement of objects in the space.

v  Quality preparation of investment documentation (DIIP, PIZ, and INVP).

v  New developments in construction law for clients, designers, contractors and supervisors.

v  Digitization in the design and execution of works.

v  What lies ahead in the area of smart infrastructure and smart cities.

v  Social media and public communication and PIAR in project management.

v  How to finance projects – budgets, private investments, bank loans and/or structural funds

As a reputable authority in the areas of smart energy and infrastructure with expansive knowledge on the advantages of industry 4.0 tools, Devid Palcic is charged with guiding all attendance through a lecture in module 5 of the conference, titled: Designing smart infrastructure and smart buildings. This talk, scheduled to be held on the 30th day of January in 2020, puts a microscope on the concept of smart spaces that has been widely touted as the next big step to mark true technological advancement in this new decade. With it, buildings can become more interactive with the installation of certain sensors and motors while erecting a building.

It is the expectation of the organizers that scholars and observers can be exposed to these hot topics which are demanding willing investors to contribute either through labor and skill, time or funds, and further develop the Slovenian standard of living and the world’s standard of technology.

Thus, the knowledge assessment was designed to cover 5 modules, with an amazing satisfaction average of 4.46 out of a possible 5 recorded by the participants. Also, the participants had equally defended their obtained knowledge orally and in the presence of accomplished judges. The result of the examinations proved excellent, with the overall sentiment that the participants were suitably prepared for the examinations, proof that the lecturers had discharged their duties with efficacy.

At the end, it brings tremendous joy that the goals of the academy are achieved through little steps like the review and analysis of various investment processes at all their respective stages of implementation, orientation for all listeners concerning new and the latest technologies and an introduction to future investment challenges, while encouraging the participants – both students and lecturers –to think about managing and implementing investments more effectively. All this, it is believed, will boost the self-esteem of the students, and set the foundational mindset for the investment giants of the near future.