Data, they say, is the modern gold. There are so many connotations to it, but all we know is that this technology-driven era is based on data.

On that note, it doesn’t take a genius to realize how heavily reliant modern companies are on their wealth of data. The more they have in their archives, the better they are equipped for eventualities and the higher the chances they have of getting the very best results. No company can break any ground, deliver sellable products, or sell useful goods without having good data in their banks. To some people, data is a problem, to data, the Robotina ROX platform is the answer.

Primarily a virtual power plant, the ROX Universe platform is mostly talked about being used in tandem with Home Energy Management System (HEMS) devices to help building owners investigate whether energy is being used optimally in the building or not. If there are dark spots that cause wastage and require optimization, the platform alerts the users to the possibilities. It accomplishes all these by integrating elements of modern technology like IoT and AI – a testament of its ferocity when it comes to its technical impetus – to electronic and electrical subjects.

Yet, the platform also connects people who have energy to sell, – like local electricity generating companies – or prosumers, – like individuals with solar power plants that produce energy in excess – to energy consumers, who would prefer to get energy at a cheaper rate, thereby cutting the energy losses from wastage to a minimum, while providing a much cheaper alternative to the traditional energy suppliers. Thus, truly killing two birds with one stone.

However, in data sales, the ROX Universe platform serves a more commercial purpose, as anonymous data is gifted from the community of members to grid stakeholders and interested parties. In exchange, the members of the ROX community responsible for providing the anonymous data are duly compensated by the data buyers.

The effectiveness of the data is the purpose of its purchase, and so the community will have the most valuable data, knowing the patterns of most life-related activities. The stock of data that will be available to the ROX Universe will also be expansive, stretching across the widest range of activities and materials, to yield an ever-updated encyclopedia of knowledge concerning information that can drive businesses and could be filtered based on the degree of data required.

Robotina’s ROX Universe will sell data needed for product/service improvement, as well as events, and other related data which may trigger service and ignite the thirst and need for new equipment and more. Of course, many may argue that the availability of data is just a part of company development, and that growth is dependent on the use and application of the data, among other factors.

Notwithstanding, when it comes to data sales, the intent of the ROX Universe platform is clear – providing the best quality of information that will be sufficient to cause a commercial breakthrough or avert an unforeseen pitfall. A gamechanger in all senses of the word.