The Robotina company’s home energy management system (HEMS) is notable because of the many useful features it carries. This is why we have not failed to find means of making sure that the effectiveness of the device is not compromised, while we continually build and incorporate advanced and better component features that determines its overall work effect. Our recent adoption to the HEMS device is a more effective EEPROM parameter storage structure that has its input in the HEMS controller. The way by which EEPROM parameters are stored on a device with a functioning model like that of our energy managing and optimizing system, determines how much energy use control it can bring about.

Why the new EEPROM parameter storage system is important

Robotina’s energy optimization system makes use of an interlink of automation technology, IoT, and artificial intelligence. Effective use of these characteristics requires a fail proof information data storage system, which is adequately accessible for as long as it is needed. The new system for storing EEPROM that we’re adopting, is of advantage because it allows information back up for the entire individual setup- in the case that there is a power failure. The importance of this on the energy optimization plan cannot be overemphasized.

Firstly, the HIQ automation incorporated HEMS device works on pre-set data information, and would only carry out the functions as commanded. Hence, if the memory storage for this information becomes volatile and information command is lost, the purpose for the system operation on the overall would be defeated. Hence, the HEMS controller would now come with these parameters and their configurations fixed up in it. This means users can now worry less about their energy use settings going wiped off, as the new system adequately caters for this need.

The future of energy management and optimization

With this new infrastructure in place, there is obviously going to be a surge in market recognition for our energy management and optimization solutions. Robotina has continued to keep up with providing user friendly options- which always comes with an input of convenience.

Energy experts and analysts believe that everything that has to do with energy optimization for household and business use, must come with the highest percentage of automation as possible. This would only come to light if there are a near zero chance of experiencing a bridge in the normal flow of energy events as pre-set by the user. This premise brings to a full glare, the reason why our company’s decision to adopt the new EEPROM parameter storage system, is a step in the right direction.

If a good number of individuals and organizations are able to see the need for an energy system like ours, then there would be a drastic cut in mismanaged energy use, as well as the potential energy hazards that may subtly loom in the offing for non users.

The new Robotina company’s HEMS device has now come complete, and there are no reasons why active users should not enjoy the best that can be obtained, especially in terms of complete energy management and optimization, that works on a near complete automation.