As time passes new technologies and methods are being discovered, one of the latest technologies is the use of molten salt in solar thermal plants. This improved method does not just increase the storage ability of a solar power plant but boosts its efficiency and reduces the cost of the power plant. In this type of solar plant, heat is transferred using the molten salt and also as a means of storing thermal energy. It can be used to transfer and store medium or high temperatures in other power units.

China decided to have a taste of this type of technology, and after learning the basics and core of this new solar plant, it was adopted into its economy. Now, they have a $436 million large-scale thermal plant using 100 megawatts (MW) molten salt which was built by the company ‘Beijing Shouhang, IHW Resources Saving Technology Co Ltd’. It is located at the important junction Dunhuang, Northwest of China’s Gansu province, the lights there are quite comfortable and encourages for new power stations. The large scale Chinese thermal plant has dived into full operation, and it is performing way beyond expectations, it has also been seen to beat a foreseen limitation before operations started.

About 12,000 mirrors are placed at calculated positions and angles to the sun, once the sunlight hits the mirror, the reflection and concentration of this light on this mirror now heat the molten salt after absorption. While at this, the energy from the sun (solar energy) is stored in it, and this can last for a long period of time. This storage is even more efficient than using a lead battery (lithium-ion) and the area for reflection is said to be 1.4 million. In a year, this salt solar plant can generate 390 million kWh, a large quota of clean and renewable energy that will efficiently reduce the emission of carbon dioxide by about 350,000 metric tons from the country.

The power plant was one of the first of its kind to come alive in China, it, therefore, has shown its usefulness to boosting environmental performance through increasing heat conservation. It provides round the clock power supply because of its large heat storage ability and has greatly reduced heat consumption and greenhouse gas effect. Only a few countries fully understand the ability and methods of this technology, so this is like a great achievement for China and gives them the platform for global emergence as this technology would not only be beneficial to their country but the world at large.

Robotina keeps mastering the art of these new technologies and applying them into their various services to keep them revolving along with the rest of the world while keeping their services and technology global and up to standard.

Experts and research have proven that the adoption of salt solar power plant technology will efficiently boost global power, heat conservation, and stability with its durability and cost-effectiveness.