As part of the Robotina company’s objective of bringing new and innovative energy management and optimization solutions to energy users in as many countries as possible, the company management team lead by the CEO and president Devid Palcic, is taking the positive revolution to the UK. This comes after series of planning and strategizing, as well as continuous call for an introduction of the Robotina methods, to the UK markets. All is now set, to host one of the top energy and technology experts company in the world, to a crucial meeting where discussions and suggestions would be made on the ways to bring about energy optimization of photovoltaic generated energy, using our company’s HEMS device, and all of our ingenious technologies. The project has been tagged “Innovate UK”, and this meeting is one of the very first steps in achieving that mission.

Highlights of the Innovate UK meeting

The Innovate UK meeting is expected to have top energy stakeholders, especially those concerned with photovoltaic generated energy, in attendance. This would comprise of energy experts from both of the UK energy industry, as well as our own team from Slovenia and beyond. The Robotina company president would give keynote addresses and lectures on the relevance of the company’s energy optimization methods to the contemporary major forms of energy used in the home. There would also be descriptive events at the meeting which would explain in reasonable details, the utilization framework of Robotina’s HEMS.

Relevance of the HEMS for photovoltaic energy optimization

Photovoltaic energy generation is one of the most efficient renewable energy source, but it seems people have not just found the way to optimize its usage. This is the reason why people may still experience some power outage, even when fully powered by solar energy installations.

At the Robotina company, we seek ways of harnessing the opportunities that presents to us via the optimized use of renewable energy. With several photovoltaic generated energy structures already using our HEMS, we are better positioned to bring quality services in this regard. HEMS would coordinate the energy use of household through its conventional mechanisms; turning power on and off, as at when required. The essence of this on a photovoltaic energy generating household, is to ensure continuous energy supply for all time.

The next phase after the coming meeting

Once discussions and arrangements have been finalized and the required partners on the proposed project have been concluded, our team of implementing experts would commence work. The Innovate UK project targets massive positive impacts on the energy optimization behaviors of household, while helping them reap the benefits therein. Hence, the Devid Palcic and team’s visit to the UK, is expected to straighten out a roadmap that would ensure a hitch free implementation of our products and services to British users.

The overall project is expected to come through in record time, and we would be fully incorporating the use of our Robotina IoT protocol, which would further ensure the convenience and effectiveness of this project.