5 12, 2018

Voice of progress – November 2018


We have been able to stay gallantly up and running, on the Robotina business front. It’s many thanks to the company’s development and management teams, who have continued to work round the clock in ensuring that our company legacies are well built to stand the test of time. In fact, […]

Voice of progress – November 20182019-02-06T00:12:27+01:00
6 11, 2018

Voice of progress – October 2018


Keeping up with the everyday challenges of business and the need to always come up with proactive solutions, could be a peculiar drive on its own. However, while this is an boost for our company, a number of firms may dreadfully see things differently. The good thing for us, is […]

Voice of progress – October 20182018-12-09T11:03:57+01:00
22 10, 2018

HEMS will be presented on 23-24 Oct at the Smart Home Congress, Nuremberg


The Smart Home Congress is one of the most recognized events, that promotes the realization of the smart concept of energy utilization in homes andother energy utilizing structures. The event holds in Germany, but participants are expected from other countries within and outside the European Union. Basic events at the […]

HEMS will be presented on 23-24 Oct at the Smart Home Congress, Nuremberg2018-12-09T11:03:57+01:00
2 10, 2018

Voice of progress – September 2018


As always for our company, the month of September has also turned out remarkable for us. At the Robotina company, we can confidently speak of our numerous achievements, and the unrelenting approach we’ve adopted at improving energy use management and optimization for the European energy market.

Considering […]

Voice of progress – September 20182018-12-09T11:03:57+01:00
28 09, 2018

HEMS shipment and distribution has begun


Following weeks of intense planning and strategizing, we have finally commenced with the dispatch of our company’s brand of energy management and optimization device units, HEMS. This development would see several homes coming on board our platform, and joining the beneficiaries of our excellent energy service solutions that have been […]

HEMS shipment and distribution has begun2018-12-09T11:03:57+01:00
23 09, 2018

HIQ Home: The watch when you’re away


There are different components comprising the complete Robotina IoT energy optimization project toolkit. The company’s objective doesn’t just stop at energy management by whatever means, but via the use of structured products that makes sure the objective is ultimately achieved – even if the users are not able to dedicate […]

HIQ Home: The watch when you’re away2018-09-23T09:49:39+01:00
17 09, 2018

Smart grid now tested in GOFLEX project


The Robotina company has been a pivotal component to the actualization of the GOFLEX project’s objectives. GOFLEX is primarily aimed at innovating, integrating, and demonstrating specific desired features in smart grid technology utilization. Consequently, our role includes fixing in features to aptly ensure energy use management, optimization, and automation. This […]

Smart grid now tested in GOFLEX project2018-09-17T09:18:37+01:00
13 09, 2018

HIQ universe product update


The HIQ universe automation module is one important part of the Robotina company’s entire energy optimization framework. This is why it has to be in top shape, if it must perform optimally and fulfil its purpose on the system. This is even important since it would be working directly with […]

HIQ universe product update2018-09-18T08:02:38+01:00
12 09, 2018



From the inception of our company services, Robotina has shown so much interest in consumer and client feedbacks. This is important to us, because it helps us know how much we’ve been able to meet the needs and demands of our ever growing user base, as well as helping us […]

8 09, 2018

HEMS app update


Since we first announced intentions to design a web application for Robotina’s platform operations, we have been working on a number of possible models. We made sure that our efforts were thorough, so that the final selected application model would be highly functional in all aspects. Some of […]

HEMS app update2018-09-08T08:31:27+01:00