30 11, 2018

Robotina presented in Illuminotronica 2018

Robotina in Illuminotronica Bologna

The need for increased public awareness of the trends and developments in IoT technology for energy use management and optimization, cannot be overemphasized. Nowadays, more firms and organizations are beginning to see a more pressing need for an effective energy management framework, which implies a […]

Robotina presented in Illuminotronica 20182018-12-09T11:03:56+01:00
26 10, 2018

Going beyond Europe


At the Robotina company, we have realized the increasing relevance of our company products and services, for various energy markets outside of Europe. Thus, since our company aims to be an active part of the solutions that would solve the prevailing challenges of contemporary energy supply and use, […]

Going beyond Europe2018-12-09T11:03:57+01:00
22 10, 2018

HEMS will be presented on 23-24 Oct at the Smart Home Congress, Nuremberg


The Smart Home Congress is one of the most recognized events, that promotes the realization of the smart concept of energy utilization in homes andother energy utilizing structures. The event holds in Germany, but participants are expected from other countries within and outside the European Union. Basic events at the […]

HEMS will be presented on 23-24 Oct at the Smart Home Congress, Nuremberg2018-12-09T11:03:57+01:00
19 10, 2018

New, even bigger projects in Saudi Arabia


The Robotina company has continued to spread its business tentacles, as we find ways of pushing our highly innovative energy solutions to various energy markets across the globe. Now, we’re looking way beyond the European markets, since we believe there are several other energy markets that are in dire need […]

New, even bigger projects in Saudi Arabia2018-12-09T11:03:57+01:00
14 10, 2018

Robotina and Iconics at SPS IPC drives exhibition


From over the years, the Robotina company has entered into a good number of high value partnerships with well recognized energy and technological expert firms. Consequently, this move has helped us gather various knowledge and skills, that have become useful in our quest for excellence.

Some of […]

Robotina and Iconics at SPS IPC drives exhibition2018-12-09T11:03:57+01:00
9 10, 2018

Robotina hosted major event at their headquarter


At the Robotina company, we understand the importance of appropriately enhancing productivity tendencies and general market relevance. This is a reason why we’re making sure to carry every stakeholder along, especially as regards our company operations.

By reason of this, the Robotina company has recently held one of its major events […]

Robotina hosted major event at their headquarter2018-12-09T11:03:57+01:00
30 09, 2018

Join us in Vienna


The European utility week is almost here again, and the program lineup for the event is getting set already. It is another opportunity for energy companies and innovation experts to show their array of energy tech solutions to visitors, even as a way of securing markets for themselves.

Join us in Vienna2018-12-09T11:03:57+01:00
30 07, 2018

ROX token now listed on HITBTC


Recent developments of the Robotina company has been geared towards improving on the record standards we have set, as well as finding ways of fostering lucrative opportunities for our product and service subscribers. The latest event making the rounds on this mission are those that pertains to our highly recognized […]

ROX token now listed on HITBTC2018-08-15T19:18:06+01:00
26 07, 2018

Updates from our recently organized AMA live event


In a bid to create a framework for our company’s performance appraisal- which could help us incorporate the right futuristic inputs and amendments, we settled down to organizing the AMA (ask me anything) live event. This is why the Robotina company addresses questions, comments, and recommendations, coming from its service […]

Updates from our recently organized AMA live event2018-08-15T19:18:06+01:00
16 07, 2018

Robotina sponsored charity for children in Koper’s stadium


As part of our commitment to making life better for all and sundry, the Robotina company has embarked on a number of charity activities and events aimed at bridging the gap between the less privileged children in society, and the society itself. The need to carry […]

Robotina sponsored charity for children in Koper’s stadium2018-08-15T19:18:06+01:00