9 05, 2020

Voice of Progress, April 2020

Every month, we delight ourselves with intimating you with the progress we have made within the last time we reached out to you and the present moment. This month is no different; despite the fact that these are unprecedented times and moments of uncertainty, we have not been deterred from […]
Voice of Progress, April 20202020-05-09T05:57:26+01:00
27 04, 2020


The dark clouds that surrounds us currently, helps us put everything in perspective. We now realize how much our efforts should be channeled at making sure that the future is cleaner – not an exchange of power for pollution – and smarter, an exchange of efficiency for unnecessary hard work. […]
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25 03, 2020

SZE 2020 International Conference: POSTPONED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS


Keeping up with global demands and setting new paces, the Slovenia Energy association has, in the last few years, stepped into its rightful place amidst the League of Nations in the areas of smart energy production and consumption. The association is not slowing down by any means; neither […]

SZE 2020 International Conference: POSTPONED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS2020-03-25T16:40:07+01:00
18 03, 2020

Voice of Progress – February 2020


As a company set about Revolutionizing the way power is being consumed and controlled, it is always a pleasure to let you know how we have been working on to make you even more comfortable. In this month newsletter, we will be touching on our progress so far.

Voice of Progress – February 20202020-03-18T19:56:11+01:00
14 03, 2020

ROX Tokens – How to Buy, Store and Trade them.


It’s no longer secret that Internet of Things (IoT) platform market is expected to register a CAGR of 28% over the forecast period (2020 – 2024). Therefore at Robotina, we get many questions how to buy, store and trade ROX tokens, which are integral part of Shared Economy System on Robotina IoT […]

ROX Tokens – How to Buy, Store and Trade them.2020-03-14T09:10:11+01:00
24 02, 2020

Scam Alert


Dear Community,

Its our duty to alert you about a scam that appears to be from Robotina Facebook Message announcing that we will be giving out 30,000 ROX and asking you to verify your ROX token holdership. It’s a scam! IGNORE THE MESSAGE.

Keep in mind that we will never ask you […]

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22 02, 2020



Robotina should have claimed a world record for a remarkably speedy company growth in 2019. Through a year of relentless development, characterized by steady and fast-paced innovations, Robotina exceeded all expectations, even the most optimistic people will agree.

Indeed, the growth of this organization in 2019 was more fascinating, because all […]

RESUME VOICE OF PROGRESS 20202020-02-22T18:58:57+01:00
13 02, 2020

Voice of progress: January 2020


In the last thirty days, we have made unprecedented progress in several areas across board in all of our endeavors as a company. As our duty, we hereby inform you of the giant’s strides we have made: 


  • Aggregated KPI indicators are added for different […]
Voice of progress: January 20202020-02-13T14:09:04+01:00
4 02, 2020

EU Commission approves €3.2 billion in battery storage technology funding


If there was any doubt that smart energy is where the future of the world’s energy industry, then it must have been certainly laid to rest when the European Commission banded together to exploit the EU State aid legislations to unite the efforts of Belgium, France, Poland, Sweden, Italy, Germany […]

EU Commission approves €3.2 billion in battery storage technology funding2020-02-04T11:45:54+01:00
1 02, 2020

EU Gateway Korea


As Seollal passes, we are coerced into reflecting about South Korea.

Since President Moon Jae-in took the oath of office in 2017, there has been visible reformations in diplomatic relations and corresponding economic stability. Unfortunately, as the Korean Independence Day draws closer, the problem of air pollution […]

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