2 05, 2020

Energy 2020: The Energy INTERNET

Hydropower is widely regarded as the time-honored conventional power source for the generation of electricity. It never seems to fade into the background, with 2020 seeing the installation of the Three Gorges Dam that feeds off the Chinese Yangtze river, ten years after its completed construction. Boasting two decades of […]
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21 04, 2020

HEMS & Privacy Assurance by Smart Contracts


A home energy management systems (HEMSs)  is a smart home automatic control system that can optimally control residential appliances to serve multiple objectives (e.g., electricity cost minimization, peak load minimization) of residential customers while maintaining the customer’s thermal comfort in the presence of uncertain weather and electricity consumption.

From the perspective […]

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2 04, 2020

Blockchain impact on energy industry operations


If the experience gained with blockchains in the financial sector are applied to the energy context, blockchain technology appears capable of enabling a decentralised energy supply system. It may be possible to radically simplify today’s multi-tiered system, in which power producers, transmission system operators, distribution system operators and suppliers transact […]

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4 03, 2020

Energy 2020: Space and the Future


Made popular by its role in supplying electricity for NASA’s Apollo missions in the 1960s, fuel cells are super-important pieces of the world’s energy puzzle going forward. Not least because of their ability to guide combustible fuels through conversion from chemical to electrical forms with superb efficiencies, usually […]

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25 02, 2020

Energy 2020: Life and Energy


It all began in 1970 when ‘bioalcohols’ were introduced as the next big thing in the energy industry, with biodiesels taking up similar space 20 years later. Many people thought that bioalcohols had reached its peak when 20 billion liters of the bioenergy resource was measured as its growth in […]

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18 02, 2020

Energy 2020: The Cells of Life


The details of photosynthesis have been known for centuries now, with the free energy and hydrocarbons (disguised as carbohydrates) taking center-stage as temptations for creating biofuels. This is very much unlike the traditional biofuel production processes that is usually based off decedents of fossil fuels or recently harvested […]

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10 02, 2020

Energy 2020: The proper Energy Mix


The Club of Rome cast an uncertain shadow over the future of the world in 1972, when they suggested that the world would soon face a dearth of resources by the turn of the millennium. Unfortunately, their figures were correct and the oil shocks that lasted through the 70s and […]

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29 01, 2020

Energy 2020: The Energy “Waves”


The turn of the century has seen developing countries contribute to a rapid worldwide economic growth that has exceeded 45% of its initial appreciation. Spearheaded by China at first, and then India with a 2% annual growth in the supply and demand of energy, the power sector and […]

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23 01, 2020

Energy 2020: A vision of the future #1


Standing on the moon, you can see a planet with 7.5 billion people, with over 50% of that population connected by a wireless network that has played a very big role in improving the worldwide economy to absurd values reaching 80 trillion dollars in the year 2020.

That’s not to talk […]

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8 01, 2020



The ROX Universe platform has been projected to be one of the largest energy distributors in the future, without owning physical generators. In the words of Devid Palčič, The President of Robotina Group, ‘We [Robotina] may be the biggest distributed virtual prosumer without owning a single power plant […]

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