Our company has continued to provide unprecedented milestone influences on energy optimization for public use, facilitated by the finest and most valid technological innovations- such as the Robotina’s high tech internet of things and AI powered blockchain, and our company’s framework module for effective energy use. As a result of these, wider opportunities and collaborative partnerships have began to steadily show face, while we’re now becoming a force to reckon with as far as the market is concerned. Most of these partnerships have come in recognition of our immense contribution to the effectiveness of the energy sector in Slovenia, as well as our great concern for trending technology. As we’re rendering our services and expertise, our company is also picking the lessons, and this is a reason why we have decided to get involved as much as it is possible.

Recently, Robotina energy company got an invitation from one of Europe’s biggest property development and technology companies, BTC city. The BTC city company has been on the front line position in business for over 60 years, with a high level reputation in Slovenia, and in the world’s property development and infrastructural business circles.

Asides the company’s prowess in business, they are also known for their involvements in technology; and have contributed immensely to the development of new ones over the years. In addition to all of the BTC city achievements, the company was able to come up with the largest living lab testing environment facility in the world, which remains a commendable project by all standards. This is why the company takes interest in well crafted products of technology, and has found ways of bringing top players together in a bid to foster increased productiveness. One of such created associations is the blockchain alliance society.

Features of the BTC city blockchain alliance society

The blockchain alliance is an establishment of the BTC company, with set objectives aimed at creating closer integration and cooperation between the many blockchain industries, as well as positioning the country of Slovenia on a global level in terms of technology output. In a bid to achieve this, the company has created the ‘bitcoin city’, where blockchain products can be put to test with the possibility of making every modifications, as needed. BTC city blockchain alliance society is made up of 16 top blockchain projects, amongst which the Robotina company is a member. Some of the other trait features of the alliance includes the use of autonomous vehicles on the live testing environment.

Benefits of the BTC city alliance for Robotina

Although the intents for the BTC city blockchain alliance is to foster overall productivity in the blockchain technology, the participating members are not left out of the benefit packages. Some of the accompanying merits of the alliance for the Robotina company includes the following:

· All of the participating blockchain projects would be able to interact and share useful ideas on the best methods that could be implemented in producing or improving on their individual protocols. By this, the Robotina company would be able to gather insights from top blockchain developers and managers like ourselves, while we also share from our own wealth of experience.

· Individual project protocols on the blockchain alliance can actively carry out test sessions for their blockchains. Hence, after making series of improvement modifications, they also have a chance at testing how efficient they have come on a live environment. Participating blockchains can also put their unimplemented ideas to real situation on some kind of test network. If we are able to test our ideas in a live environment, then we can safe the time required in building and implementing a forked blockchain.

· Another characteristic benefit of the blockchain alliance, is an opportunity for all 16 project blockchains to cooperate on building common blockchain inclined projects. This important, as there is a larger team and increased expertise. Thus, the products that come out of the collaborative efforts have greater tendencies of having the best quality as can yet be found on the blockchain technology. Asides this, the alliance may in fact be best positioned to come up with exciting new discoveries and methods for the decentralized networks.

In the end, all of these advantages would ultimately culminate to creation of improved products, and services by the alliance members, for their individual brands. Hence, on our end at the Robotina company, it would mean increased quality service delivery, and introduction of more energy optimization products that incorporates convenience for the consumer.

This can also facilitate other business openings and opportunities that would only have been influenced by a previous team work like that at the BTC blockchain alliance.

The BTC company’s business club event was hold on 28. June 2018, on the 20th floor of the Crystal Palace in the BTC city, Ljubljana.

Robotina’s invitation to join the European blockchain hub

The European blockchain hub is an event created by the Slovenian technological community, and of which the BTC company is also a founding initiator. The hub is meant to be an established project that would see to the development of blockchain technology for existing and startup businesses in the European region. The Robotina company has been invited to join the hub as one of its participating influencers. When we join, our company can effectively help new projects start their own blockchain based businesses, while we dish out advice from our massive knowledge of the technology.

All of these events would continue to impact positively on our products and service delivery, even as we are gather technological knowledge, with the accompanying know how.