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Advising you how to save energy and earn ROX


Users of the Robotina ROX platform can testify of the fact that traditional energy utilization is nowhere near the same as the platform allows. With the deliberate effect of the embedded features like artificial intelligence and IoT, energy saving has never been so easy and effective, with a potential for up to 30% of energy saved, while the virtual nature of the platform ensures that environmental benefits abound as emissions will decrease with increased traffic on the platform. Fascinatingly, as part of a scheme to maximize the utility of the Robotina ROX, amidst activities and opportunities like crowd purchase of energy and power selling, ESCO  and VPP crowd funding has been introduced by the brains behind the ROX to engage the members of the platform in the deeper of Robotina ROX, and get a good deal of profit in the process. As should be common knowledge, the Robotina Utility tokens [...]

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Peer to peer energy

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With the increment in availability of solar panels, people who, prior to now only consumed electricity now have the ability [...]