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Advising you how to save energy and earn ROX

Fundamentally changing the way we use electricity

If we must have enough energy to go around for everyone, the emphasis must be on conservation. Not only will this be good for us as a society, it will also be good for our planet. This is a very big challenge, not only for the government but also the private sector; companies and other stakeholders in the energy sector. At Robotina ROX, our emphasis has always been on affordable, durable energy that is available on demand and that does not degrade the planet. We have always deployed resources to ensure that this happens.  To the customer, the need for a renewable source of energy that will come at a cheap price and at peak generation is the solution to the problem. Several energy companies today are not willing to go that way, that will not stop the revolution of energy though. The homes of the future will be smart [...]

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