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Advising you how to save energy and earn ROX

Understanding the world of electricity trading

The wholesale energy markets has a difference with the traditional financial markets and the basic way to understand the difference between them is by grasping the nature of trading electricity and comparing them to financial assets just like equities, bonds and also commodities. The difference that is most important and cannot be overlooked is that electricity itself is produced as well as consumed instantly. It is impossible to store electricity so there must be a very unique balance between its demand and supply.   This now leads to creating different market design which has to be significant compared to the common capital markets. Also, it's access is restricted in the wholesale markets because despite the fact that the market is open, less experienced traders have kept away due to the intimidating technicalities they have. Regulators have encouraged that traders should join the markets, but there must be a proof of [...]

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702, 2019

The Smart Grid

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You might have heard of the smart grid before if you are an avid reader or you have an interest in energy. This might have been through your energy supplier or just briefly while surfing the net. If you have, then, you definitely know what this is about and if [...]

2501, 2019

The Future of IoT: What to expect in 2019

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2018 was a great year where Internet of Things is concerned but 2019 promises to be an even greater year. The following are where you can reasonably expect to see IoT making major headway in 2019. Traditional industries: traditional industries are those industries that have been around for some time. [...]

1201, 2019

HEMS Hardware and Software information

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We would like to congratulate our all of our supporters on getting HEMS. You have taken a giant step towards achieving energy conservation. Saving money and making the world a better place. With your HEMS device, you can now monitor the rate at which your home appliances and gadgets consume [...]