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Advising you how to save energy and earn ROX

The Future of IoT: What to expect in 2019

2018 was a great year where Internet of Things is concerned but 2019 promises to be an even greater year. The following are where you can reasonably expect to see IoT making major headway in 2019. Traditional industries: traditional industries are those industries that have been around for some time. Businesses with a traditional way of doing things. You can expect IoT to make an incursion into these industries in 2019 as they are natural homes for it. For instance, a company that manufacture pumps and valves can leverage on IoT to develop a new and innovative line of business by combining it with their products to make new “smart” connected products. 2018 demonstrated how plausible this is when IoT investment by these industries became so important as to be a table stake. This is because innovators in them have found a way to use IoT to provide viable solutions [...]

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311, 2018

Understanding your electricity bill

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Understanding Your Electricity Usage and billing The distribution of generated electricity resources in the power sector, can be effected in either of two basic broad ways. It’s either consumers are getting power from the public utilities companies- which are mostly government run, or from the different private energy companies that [...]

3010, 2018

Smart home technology is exciting, but is it right for you?

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Smart Home Technology Can Be Exciting, But Are You Using The Right One Homeowners are typically attracted to smart home features and appliances because of the ease and convenience it renders. Undoubtedly, these are amazing features as they are known to save time, effort and most importantly, money. With the [...]

1210, 2018

The solution: IoT +AI + blockchain

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Following the need for an overhauling and adjustment on the smart grid’s basic framework, there have been a number of attempts yet already. Fixing a matching solution to the prevailing issues requires a well drafted framework, especially if the efforts in this regards would not come to naught. In addition [...]

810, 2018

Robotina’s Q3 HEMS giveaway competition has finally ended

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Part of our company’s customer service satisfaction roadmap includes organizing periodic value added incentive programs. We are doing this, as a way of encouraging our existing users, as well as another means of publicizing our company’s energy solutions. Consequently, we had included a giveaway competition that would issue out free [...]

2509, 2018

The Robotina community is scaling

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The Robotina community is of paramount importance to us, and we want to make sure that even more people are able to adopt the use of our product and service solutions - that are next to none on the energy markets. This is the reason why our company is strategizing [...]

2109, 2018

Energy profit maximization: The contrast between classic and modern approach

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In contemporary times, the energy use methods and billing strategies adopted by vendors and suppliers, have changed quite remarkably by a number of obvious traits. A good percentage of whatever differences that there are, would be attributable to a determining difference in technology creation. The ideal energy-providing company or distribution [...]