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Advising you how to save energy and earn ROX

How to be energy smart in the face of higher electrical bills

Being energy smart is a necessity since the price of electricity bills have increased. It is now important to know what may have caused the increase in electric bills and exactly what to do to be energy smart. The cold weather in late February and early March of 2018 brought an increased need for heating, which resulted in a substantial amount of increased electrical energy consumption. The European commission's market report shows that this increased demand resulted in an increase of household electrical bills by 25%. This number is high enough for most people to feel the inconvenience even though some groups of people will feel it more than others, like the elderly and the disabled because they are reliant on heating to avoid health risks and may be hindered by the increased cost. Factors that caused the increased cost of electricity High demand on electricity for heating was not [...]

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2109, 2018

Energy profit maximization: The contrast between classic and modern approach

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In contemporary times, the energy use methods and billing strategies adopted by vendors and suppliers, have changed quite remarkably by a number of obvious traits. A good percentage of whatever differences that there are, would be attributable to a determining difference in technology creation. The ideal energy-providing company or distribution [...]

1809, 2018

Benefits for big and corporate users

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At the Robotina company, we understand the importance of providing complete solutions that caters for the various forms of energy users that could be. This is why our energy management and optimization systems have been designed to also include an operation framework for buildings such as company and business houses, [...]

1409, 2018

Importance of artificial intelligence

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There are a number of issues in energy consumption and its payment that needs to be addressed, and as a matter of urgency. It is common to hear people talk about how much they wished they could have some real control over how their energy supply and usage is being [...]

609, 2018

Robotina’s IoT linker

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The IoT linker is another indispensable hardware on our energy management and optimization mission. It is almost unfeasible to have a high productivity operation framework like ours, without the IoT linker or another tool that performs equivalent function. As the name would imply, it serves as a direct link between [...]

409, 2018

How the Robotina community is able to earn ROX token

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The Robotina company is making the big impacts on the energy sector, and our products and services are becoming even more popular. All of these achievements have become some form of speculative indicators for energy analysts, as to the future of the energy sector- especially starting from the next few [...]