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Advising you how to save energy and earn ROX

Smart appliances and cities: how does IoT change our everyday life?

The revolution promised by the emerging enigma, the Internet of Things is unfolding in trickles. While the technological leap is promising, we are yet to see the full extent of the ways in which this technology can change our everyday life. A comprehensive Internet of Things means that every facet of life will be automated to a very large extent. Conserving energy is a forte of IoT devices and this is one the unique selling point. As such, the most of you already know we have been working along lines to draft IoT into the ROX Universe platform.  IoT is set to change our everyday life and these are just a few ways IoT has already been deployed to make our lives better: While a sizable population of the world do not live in smart homes yet, those who do enjoy the privilege of having devices and appliances that can [...]

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Peer to peer energy

April 24th, 2019|

With the increment in availability of solar panels, people who, prior to now only consumed electricity now have the ability [...]