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Advising you how to save energy and earn ROX

Energy 2020: The Energy INTERNET

Hydropower is widely regarded as the time-honored conventional power source for the generation of electricity. It never seems to fade into the background, with 2020 seeing the installation of the Three Gorges Dam that feeds off the Chinese Yangtze river, ten years after its completed construction. Boasting two decades of worktime and over US $75 billion in financial costs, this hydropower plant stands tall as the most expensive project embarked on throughout history. For good reason too, the generators in this plant yields 18GW of power – a figure that equals the total energy proceeds from the nuclear power sector of China. Of course, there is a physical limitation with hydropower since plausible sites for energy production don’t exist in abundance. Still, it accounts for 0.5 of total electricity generated in the world on a scale of 10. Especially with countries like Norway, Paraguay and Venezuela relying on hydropower for [...]

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