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Advising you how to save energy and earn ROX


The ROX Universe platform has been projected to be one of the largest energy distributors in the future, without owning physical generators. In the words of Devid Palčič, The President of Robotina Group, ‘We [Robotina] may be the biggest distributed virtual prosumer without owning a single power plant and the biggest distributed virtual battery bank without owning a single battery.’ To many, the idea is understandably new, but by understanding the processes and strategy that the platform employs, the brilliance shines through.  First, is the use of the famous Home Energy Management System (HEMS) devices, which serve a lot more purposes than advertised. Normally, they are regarded as intelligent devices used to analyze buildings and figure out their energy circulation routes. This enables the user of the devices to discover energy leakages and wastage areas, especially as the entire energy structure of that building is laid bare before her/him.  Also, [...]

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