It is no new story that the world’s population keeps increasing and it is becoming quite alarming. With increase in population comes increase in energy usage or consumption. Even with the present population, various means of energy consumption has been seen and several problems has been observed such as depletion of the ozone layer and shrinking natural resources. With the increasing rate of population, the need for improved methods of conserving energy has become an aspect of high priority.

Robotina has touched lives since the beginning, being part of the energy management industry, it strives to reduce overhead cost caused by low operating efficiency and it also aims to reduce energy consumption while increasing energy conservation. This has been a major problem of this industry and it has resulted in low patronage by end users.

We keep developing major means and techniques of increasing energy conservation (in areas such as security and lightening control, air condition, refrigeration, heating and ventilation) with no effect on climate.

The good thing is as much as the world’s population keeps increasing, we would keep providing efficient means of conserving energy. As the BEMS market has been estimated to hit about 12.72 billion $ by 2025, we will not relent on providing the world with appropriate and proper systems to boost energy conservation.

Proper and continuous research on building energy management systems are carried out to increase production of management systems that are capable of providing appropriate solutions to problems.

The research is carried out in different methods;

Extensive data; in this method, experts, industry leaders and key market players would be interviewed to ascertain real life experience and feedbacks.

Secondary data; Information from various database are extracted and forecast tool and predictive models are used to analyse this information.

Robotina has touched all areas and sectors of the world. We have produced systems suitable in the industrial, commercial and residential areas of the world. Robotina ensures to provide building energy management systems that would be cheap and accessible by users from all sectors of the world.

At Robotina, we choose to deliver only the best and the best never stops getting better. As the population increases so will our technologies and skills in building energy management systems (BEMS) around the globe.