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9 05, 2020

Voice of Progress, April 2020

Every month, we delight ourselves with intimating you with the progress we have made within the last time we reached out to you and the present moment. This month is no different; despite the fact that these are unprecedented times and moments of uncertainty, we have not been deterred from […]
Voice of Progress, April 20202020-05-09T05:57:26+01:00
2 05, 2020

Energy 2020: The Energy INTERNET

Hydropower is widely regarded as the time-honored conventional power source for the generation of electricity. It never seems to fade into the background, with 2020 seeing the installation of the Three Gorges Dam that feeds off the Chinese Yangtze river, ten years after its completed construction. Boasting two decades of […]
Energy 2020: The Energy INTERNET2020-05-09T05:57:56+01:00
27 04, 2020


The dark clouds that surrounds us currently, helps us put everything in perspective. We now realize how much our efforts should be channeled at making sure that the future is cleaner – not an exchange of power for pollution – and smarter, an exchange of efficiency for unnecessary hard work. […]
ROBOTINA MARKETING AT WORK2020-04-27T11:23:22+01:00
21 04, 2020

HEMS & Privacy Assurance by Smart Contracts


A home energy management systems (HEMSs)  is a smart home automatic control system that can optimally control residential appliances to serve multiple objectives (e.g., electricity cost minimization, peak load minimization) of residential customers while maintaining the customer’s thermal comfort in the presence of uncertain weather and electricity consumption.

From the perspective […]

HEMS & Privacy Assurance by Smart Contracts2020-04-21T17:31:53+01:00
2 04, 2020

Blockchain impact on energy industry operations


If the experience gained with blockchains in the financial sector are applied to the energy context, blockchain technology appears capable of enabling a decentralised energy supply system. It may be possible to radically simplify today’s multi-tiered system, in which power producers, transmission system operators, distribution system operators and suppliers transact […]

Blockchain impact on energy industry operations2020-04-02T16:20:17+01:00
5 12, 2018

Voice of progress – November 2018


We have been able to stay gallantly up and running, on the Robotina business front. It’s many thanks to the company’s development and management teams, who have continued to work round the clock in ensuring that our company legacies are well built to stand the test of time. In fact, […]

Voice of progress – November 20182019-02-06T00:12:27+01:00
17 11, 2018

“MOVE THE CONSUMPTION” project succeed!


First survey results: The users are satisfied with the project MOVE THE CONSUMPTION.

The responses of the users who participated in the project MOVE THE CONSUMPTION are very encouraging as they show that the project has already achieved its purpose. The use of advanced technologies is seen as a success in […]

“MOVE THE CONSUMPTION” project succeed!2019-07-17T13:30:35+01:00
14 11, 2018

Understanding Energy Efficiency Labeling


At a time when households are looking towards ways of cutting down energy consumption and reducing the overall cost of energy, it is very fitting to understand the concept of energy efficiency. How many people actually understand that through a little bit of effort and planning, they could cut down […]

Understanding Energy Efficiency Labeling2018-12-09T11:03:56+01:00
3 11, 2018

Understanding your electricity bill


Understanding Your Electricity Usage and billing
The distribution of generated electricity resources in the power sector, can be effected in either of two basic broad ways. It’s either consumers are getting power from the public utilities companies- which are mostly government run, or from the different private energy companies that exists.

However, […]

Understanding your electricity bill2018-12-09T11:03:57+01:00
22 10, 2018

HEMS will be presented on 23-24 Oct at the Smart Home Congress, Nuremberg


The Smart Home Congress is one of the most recognized events, that promotes the realization of the smart concept of energy utilization in homes andother energy utilizing structures. The event holds in Germany, but participants are expected from other countries within and outside the European Union. Basic events at the […]

HEMS will be presented on 23-24 Oct at the Smart Home Congress, Nuremberg2019-07-17T13:33:31+01:00
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