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13 09, 2023

Voice of progress: September 2023


ROX charger is available now to business partners. Distributors and other partners can contact manufacturer directly by sending an inquiry to: sales@robotina.com.

Orders from general public will be accepted from next month through ROX shop available directly through our web page.

ROX Universe is ON-LINE now.

We will continue to work on […]

Voice of progress: September 20232023-09-13T12:37:55+01:00
3 01, 2023

ROX Charger for household and business


Dear supporters and partners,


first of all, let us wish you a Happy New Year. We are sure this is The Year and saying that, we believe that 2023 will be a year, when we will kick off and finally see and feel results of half decade of investments.


You surely remember, […]

ROX Charger for household and business2023-01-04T07:43:32+01:00
30 03, 2022

Voice of progress: March 2022



Hems is getting the final shape:

  • HEMS for mounting in electrical cabinet with wireless communication
  • HEMS embedded in EV charger – NEW

And new functionality:

xLIMITER functionality is tested and fully functional now.

Hems expansion modules:

New expansion modules, including wireless power sensor and wireless relay are in testing phase



Platform new functionalities:

  • EV charger […]
Voice of progress: March 20222022-03-31T06:04:54+01:00
30 03, 2022

HEMS integrated into Electric Car charging device.


Electric cars are introduced to the market faster than any forecast. EV charging is cheapest if Cars are charged at home. Standard EV chargers help to charge cars, but cannot provide cheapest and most effective charging, what HEMS can. Therefore, we created the world’s first hybrid between HEMS and EV […]

HEMS integrated into Electric Car charging device.2022-03-31T06:10:12+01:00
29 12, 2021

HEMS at Las Vegas CES2022 – Connecting Utility and Users


Exciting news!

In January ROX makes its first trip to Las Vegas. No, tokens on Strip will not be ROX. But it is the first time, we will introduce HEMS to USA.

From 5th to 8th of January, Robotina ROX AG will be exhibiting together with Robotina d.o.o. at the CES2022 technology […]

HEMS at Las Vegas CES2022 – Connecting Utility and Users2021-12-29T08:25:14+01:00
27 09, 2021

Voice of progress: end of Q3/2021


On the platform side we finished alpha testing phase of aggregation and we are entering beta phase. API for integration with third parties has entered into test phase with third parties and fine tuning is in progress. Based on findings we have expanded and extended API specification and external partners […]

Voice of progress: end of Q3/20212021-09-27T11:17:21+01:00
24 04, 2021

Home Energy Management Systems – Global Market Trajectory & Analytics


HEMS forecasted to achieve a market grow at CAGR of 18,8% by 2027

Robotina ROX is the first company to provide functional HEMS. Our technology is used in demonstration projects by most renamed companies in the world and we are confident in achieving excellent market shares through […]

Home Energy Management Systems – Global Market Trajectory & Analytics2021-04-29T13:27:40+01:00
24 02, 2021

Letter to Robotina ROX community


Dear ROX community 

2020 has been a year of extremes. When asking most people how they will remember 2020, they will surely reply it has been a very strange year and they will first point to the COVID-19 pandemic as the single thing that has shaken our […]

Letter to Robotina ROX community2021-02-24T12:00:20+01:00
9 05, 2020

Voice of Progress, April 2020

Every month, we delight ourselves with intimating you with the progress we have made within the last time we reached out to you and the present moment. This month is no different; despite the fact that these are unprecedented times and moments of uncertainty, we have not been deterred from […]
Voice of Progress, April 20202020-05-09T05:57:26+01:00
2 05, 2020

Energy 2020: The Energy INTERNET

Hydropower is widely regarded as the time-honored conventional power source for the generation of electricity. It never seems to fade into the background, with 2020 seeing the installation of the Three Gorges Dam that feeds off the Chinese Yangtze river, ten years after its completed construction. Boasting two decades of […]
Energy 2020: The Energy INTERNET2020-05-09T05:57:56+01:00
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