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25 03, 2020

SZE 2020 International Conference: POSTPONED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS


Keeping up with global demands and setting new paces, the Slovenia Energy association has, in the last few years, stepped into its rightful place amidst the League of Nations in the areas of smart energy production and consumption. The association is not slowing down by any means; neither […]

SZE 2020 International Conference: POSTPONED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS2020-03-25T16:40:07+01:00
18 03, 2020

Voice of Progress – February 2020


As a company set about Revolutionizing the way power is being consumed and controlled, it is always a pleasure to let you know how we have been working on to make you even more comfortable. In this month newsletter, we will be touching on our progress so far.

Voice of Progress – February 20202020-03-18T19:56:11+01:00
4 03, 2020

Energy 2020: Space and the Future


Made popular by its role in supplying electricity for NASA’s Apollo missions in the 1960s, fuel cells are super-important pieces of the world’s energy puzzle going forward. Not least because of their ability to guide combustible fuels through conversion from chemical to electrical forms with superb efficiencies, usually […]

Energy 2020: Space and the Future2020-03-04T16:38:20+01:00
24 02, 2020

Scam Alert


Dear Community,

Its our duty to alert you about a scam that appears to be from Robotina Facebook Message announcing that we will be giving out 30,000 ROX and asking you to verify your ROX token holdership. It’s a scam! IGNORE THE MESSAGE.

Keep in mind that we will never ask you […]

Scam Alert2020-02-24T18:36:41+01:00
18 02, 2020

Energy 2020: The Cells of Life


The details of photosynthesis have been known for centuries now, with the free energy and hydrocarbons (disguised as carbohydrates) taking center-stage as temptations for creating biofuels. This is very much unlike the traditional biofuel production processes that is usually based off decedents of fossil fuels or recently harvested […]

Energy 2020: The Cells of Life2020-02-18T10:29:29+01:00
13 02, 2020

Voice of progress: January 2020


In the last thirty days, we have made unprecedented progress in several areas across board in all of our endeavors as a company. As our duty, we hereby inform you of the giant’s strides we have made: 


  • Aggregated KPI indicators are added for different […]
Voice of progress: January 20202020-02-13T14:09:04+01:00
1 02, 2020

EU Gateway Korea


As Seollal passes, we are coerced into reflecting about South Korea.

Since President Moon Jae-in took the oath of office in 2017, there has been visible reformations in diplomatic relations and corresponding economic stability. Unfortunately, as the Korean Independence Day draws closer, the problem of air pollution […]

EU Gateway Korea2020-02-03T10:12:14+01:00
29 01, 2020

Energy 2020: The Energy “Waves”


The turn of the century has seen developing countries contribute to a rapid worldwide economic growth that has exceeded 45% of its initial appreciation. Spearheaded by China at first, and then India with a 2% annual growth in the supply and demand of energy, the power sector and […]

Energy 2020: The Energy “Waves”2020-01-29T16:52:17+01:00
23 01, 2020

Energy 2020: A vision of the future #1


Standing on the moon, you can see a planet with 7.5 billion people, with over 50% of that population connected by a wireless network that has played a very big role in improving the worldwide economy to absurd values reaching 80 trillion dollars in the year 2020.

That’s not to talk […]

Energy 2020: A vision of the future #12020-01-23T17:27:17+01:00
8 01, 2020



The ROX Universe platform has been projected to be one of the largest energy distributors in the future, without owning physical generators. In the words of Devid Palčič, The President of Robotina Group, ‘We [Robotina] may be the biggest distributed virtual prosumer without owning a single power plant […]

GROUP BUYING2020-01-08T17:17:02+01:00
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