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14 06, 2019



The recent increase in the cost of energy and its effects on the environment has been a major concern for most factory owners. This does not have to be an overwhelming task though. Many factories are seeking for ways to optimize energy use, reduce wastage, and reduce the […]

15 05, 2019

Building Energy Management System (BEMS) and the World Population


It is no new story that the world’s population keeps increasing and it is becoming quite alarming. With increase in population comes increase in energy usage or consumption. Even with the present population, various means of energy consumption has been seen and several problems has been observed such […]

Building Energy Management System (BEMS) and the World Population2019-05-15T13:35:13+01:00
24 04, 2019

Peer to peer energy


With the increment in availability of solar panels, people who, prior to now only consumed electricity now have the ability to create and supply the same. For these people, who both consume, and produce electricity, the term, prosumer has been coined. This is a marriage of the words, […]

Peer to peer energy2019-04-24T13:36:19+01:00
15 04, 2019

Why is blockchain so important in the energy market


Blockchain technology is one that has many potentials for the energy market. This is because of the many opportunities it opens up the market to. Blockchain technology is a distributed ledger technology; this simply implies that it is a list of records albeit a secure and rapidly expanding […]

Why is blockchain so important in the energy market2019-04-15T07:23:59+01:00
6 04, 2019

Bridge HORIZON 2020: Part 1


BRIDGE is a cooperation group involving 36 Low Carbon Energy (LCE) Smart-Grid and Energy Storage projects and it is funded under the Horizon 2020 program over the last four years (2014-2017). This cooperation aims to foster the exchange of information, experience, knowledge and best practices among its members. […]

Bridge HORIZON 2020: Part 12019-04-06T15:50:24+01:00
19 03, 2019

Japan implementing HEMS in all households by 2030


In 2011, Japan experienced a nuclear disaster related to their power generation. This was at Fukushima. This incident led to the Japanese Cabinet giving a nod to a new energy policy aimed at turning Japanese buildings to zero-energy buildings. The policy looks to turn all newly-constructed buildings to […]

Japan implementing HEMS in all households by 20302019-03-19T17:01:05+01:00
15 03, 2019

Green cities for better climate


Green cities are cities that are trying human actions that lead to climate change. These cities attempt to live in a sustainable way such that the needs of the present inhabitants are met without that of possible future inhabitants being placed in jeopardy. Green cities are also referred […]

Green cities for better climate2019-03-15T09:05:22+01:00
12 03, 2019

What you need to know about Photovoltaic Power Plant


A photovoltaic power plant refers to a power plant that is primarily made up of photovoltaic modules and an inverter. These photovoltaic modules (or panels) are involved in the process of converting radiation from the sun into electrical energy of direct current (DC). The inverter is basically the […]

What you need to know about Photovoltaic Power Plant2019-03-12T16:26:13+01:00
6 03, 2019

Three markets now available on new ROX exchange


ROX Listing

Though ROX was available on several different exchanges, we added one more on three (3) different markets:

With BTC being the largest cryptocurrency we have on the planet (which means […]

Three markets now available on new ROX exchange2019-03-06T16:54:34+01:00
3 03, 2019

Voice of progress – February 2019


In case you are wondering how dedicated we are to revolutionizing the planet, the answer is; very dedicated. We have a goal, and in order to accomplish this goal, we set targets for ourselves every quarter and so far, we have accomplished most of our targets till date. […]

Voice of progress – February 20192019-03-03T16:09:52+01:00