It has been clear for a long time, that fossil fuels must cease to be central to our future energy structures. Unfortunately, while it is alternatively apposite beyond doubt, there are a lot of challenges facing renewable energy.

Solar and wind energy, for example, are becoming erratic with the influence of climate change and the Industry has awoken to these problems, countering them with the introduction of powerful tools like machine learning and Big data. Here is a boost on how Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays its role in aiding Renewable Energy.

Smarter Weather Predictions

The weather governs energy generation for many renewable energy sources. And while storage technology helps to predict conditions of high pressure or cloudy days, the system has serious room to improve. Fortuitously, energy providers have started turning to AI in getting more effective predictions. Google and Deepmind, for instance, have recorded a 20% increase in efficiency by using their neural network to facilitate their forecasts and turbine data.

Intelligent Energy Storage

While effective storage systems are important to harnessing wind and solar power, the inherent capriciousness of the energy sources means that it is simply insufficient to have good storage technology. Instead, appropriate regulation of the production-storage-consumption processes, which is only achievable using advanced software, can bring us profit. Of course, with Artificial Intelligence, smart control over storage is a firm reality.

Microgrid Integration

How else do you dissolve and control the complex technicalities that arise due to the large scale of community-level RE generation, especially since the energy is to be distributed through micro-grids?

Taking advantage of the real-time control that AI-powered control optimizations, Intelligent Multi agent Systems and Adaptive Dynamic Programming (AI algorithms) can afford, will solve power quality issues and congestion. Artificial Intelligence will also provide solutions to the existing balance energy flow challenges while aiding system optimizations as more devices get integrated.

How else does AI profit us?

Per a report published by Infosys: “48% of energy and utility sector agree that AI is fundamental to their organizations’ success and 46% say their organizations are building AI into the company ethos.” Here are some other ways that the use of AI is profiting the RE and utility industry :


  1. Dependability — Ensuring efficient utilization & storage of other RE resources, Smart grids and improving operations management
  2. Propagating smart applications that can autonomously make right decisions based on data and learning.
  3. Enabling software applications to examine large data structures, detecting anomalies, identifying patterns and making precise predictions


With the speed of technological advancements, the encouraging potential in the combination of Artificial Intelligence and Renewable is becoming more obvious. And while we are not there yet, AI is making the future grid look very smart.