The 2019 edition of the Celjski sejem MOS exhibition comes at a wonderful time to fuel the unstoppable skyward trajectory of the rewards of our efforts.

For many years, we have devoted our sweat and sacrificed a lot to eliminating a worrying concern, the problem of energy waste. The challenge of energy waste is worse because people do not even realize that the alarming amounts of energy waste, could sustain us for at least twice or three times the time we expend the available energy.

Besides, for the customers, the costs incurred in paying the energy bills is many times what it could be if it was properly managed, also, the government and regulatory bodies would have lesser headache with supplying the devices we use, which have become energy blackholes.

Perhaps that is why the government, of countries all over the world, have actively supported initiatives that promise a solution to this challenge. Going by the growing support for the HEMS devices we create, we can confidently say that we have solved the riddle.

The Asian Government, for example, have extended hands of fellowship to Robotina, after the concept of the smart Home Energy Management System (HEMS) had been introduced to them.

One of the lure of HEMS devices, is that as a smart technology, when attached to any household, whether commercial or residential, it works effectively to make sure that the energy consumed by the devices is minimized, while allowing the devices to perform optimally. It promises a future, where houses and structures will use a cost-effective amount of power, to save not just finances, but the environment, and even energy itself.

Thus, the interest in this beautiful future, by utilizing HEMS devices in our buildings has gained unbelievable momentum. Like they say, when it rains, it pours, and through our partnership with the governments of different countries, other energy saving-invested companies, as well as private investors who have realized the importance of these devices to the future, more and more devices are connected to Robotina’s IoT platform (Rox Universe).

As can be observed, the range of the interest is not centered on the users of these smart devices alone. Expectedly, even the providers of electricity are very passionate about getting the HEMS devices into circulation. The efforts of an awareness program, that wasn’t carried out through spoken words, but through  physical exertion and relentless effort has brought us to this point.

It is thus our intention, to ride on the coattails of the 2019 edition of the Celjski sejem MOS exhibition, which will be held on the 10th to the 15th of September, to provide even more detailed explanation on the working principles of the HEMS devices. This will serve to bring the weight of energy waste on everyone present – to help them know how important it is to manage energy consumption effectively – while putting up the importance of adopting smart technologies, like the HEMS devices, to the building plans of any structure.

Perhaps it would have taken a few decades to raise the awareness on these products if they weren’t so important, or if we weren’t working hard to create a better tomorrow. However, we have done it all in a few years, and at the rate things are going, one wonders where else the future lies, if not with HEMS.